Monday, December 9, 2013

Japan week #18

       First off. I love you all. You all light my world. ;) I got the Christmas package yesterday! I wasn't expecting it till like the end of this week, so I was way surprised to see it so soon! But we were happy. :) We were WAY excited to put presents under our tree. :) Now our apartment looks even more epic! We LOVE the Christmas music!! We LOOOOVE it. That's all we're going to be listening to now. Tell Grandma I'm very thankful for the music she sent us. :) That was very nice of her! And the pictures are wonderful! Thank you all so much. :) So what I meant last time about the Evans leaving, is that their three years of being mission president and wife is over next July. So when I hit my year mark, I'll get a new kaicho. So that'll be crazy!! 
  And today is not transfer day. We get the call tomorrow, which gives us all our information for what's going to happen, and then Thusday we meet in Sapporo and get our new comps and go to our new areas. And I don't know what it's like to only be comps for one. Elder lee has had SEVEN comps in SIX transfers. One every transfer, and two in one transfer. O.O he's had TONS. We think we're staying for one more together too. No sense in having us move quite yet. Especially since we're both kinda close to Sapporo, and we're both in the music night. I'll see what I can do about getting video of it when we do it. The music night isn't until February, so it's a ways off, but I'll see hwat I can do. 
  Last week was way good, and this week was way good as well. We had a TON OF FUN, and saw lots of success again. :) 
Monday was a weird p day. We had a zone conference in Hakodate, two hours away, and so we decided to go as a district to have our pday together in Hakodate before we had zone conference. We went up the famous hakodate yama, which is the third best light view in the world, and we took some great pictures. After that we went to a famous restaurant in hakodate called Lucky Pierrot. It's Christmas decorated YEAR ROUND, and they have huge Santa clauses up everywhere, and lights, and it's way awesome! But Lucky Pierrot is way famous because of the Futocho burger they make. It's like an 8 inch tall burger just swimming in artery clogging goodness. When they bring it up to you they pray for your health and safety, it's way fun. :) They were WAY good, and then three of us went to get another burger, and the look on the cashier lady's face was PRICELESS. She was like, did you eat it?? AND YOU WANT MORE??? Oh man, she underestimated the americans! Haha! :) After we ate our burgers, we were DYING. We were soooo full! So we decided to walk back to the apartments to try and get some of our lives back. But we realized that we were WAY farther away then we thought, and we weren't going to make the nine o clock curfew. :P So for the last mile, we all ran. And the futocho and the snow burger became ROCKS in our guts, and we all hurt SO BADLY. But we made it! ON TIME! :D  It was a WAY fun district activity, and the whole time we were just laughing, and joking, and just having SO MUCH FUN. It was great. :) 
  Tuesday was ztm. We had a great time, learned a lot, and thought a lot about Christ since it's the Christmas season. After ztm we caught a train home, and then went to Kawasaki Shimais's house for dinner. She is a GREAT cook, and she was very happy to feed us. We had a great time with her too, and taught a great lesson to her.
   Wednesday was an interesting day. We had a pretty normal day, except for a few crazy things. So we found an Osanai San, who is a former investigator. He has interest, and wants to talk with us, so he became a new invesitgator. :) But right before we met him we tried to contact an old man. And he was WAY RUDE. He was using the rudest Japanese you can use, and we had only said hello! So Elder lee was like, why are you using that Japanese? Which didn't make the man very happy, and he started yelling more, and we left. After we talked with osonai san, we were walking past his house, and he called to us to come back. So we go back, and he tells us not to talk, just follow him. So we follow him up a hill a ways, to his garden. And he tells us to dig. So we just start overturning his garden, and after a while we walk to a little clearing and sit on some rocks and start talking. He talked about how he had been in a  bad mood, and wanted to talk to us. But didn't think we would, and he was VERY impressed that we went and worked in his muddy garden in our nice clothes. We ended up having an epic man talk about life, and it was way cool. He really taught us how important it is to make good relations with people, and to just talk to them instead of just trying to share our beliefs. It was way cool. We ended up making an appointment with him, and we're going back this week to talk to him again and teach the gospel. :) was NOT what we expected to have happen.
  Friday we had an EPIC lesson with our referral from the bishop. We teamed up with the bishop and taught lesson one. This investigator, Sakai San, is WAY prepared. He reads the bible everyday, and now the book of mormon too, and he wants to be baptized. He believes in Christ, and wants the blessings of the gospel. He's WAY COOL. Unfortunately his dad is WAY opposed, and so he does't want to make a baptismal date until he knows like we know the truth of our message. So keep him in your prayers please! He's an amazing guy. The rest of our week went that way. We were able to meet with more of our investigators and have great lessons. Things are really looking good here in Muroran. We have lots of people progressing, and we're very excited. :) So that was our week. I'm LOVING being here in Japan, and I can't believe I'm already 3 transfers in... Only thirteen more to go. These past 6 weeks have FLOWN by. I can't describe to you how fast they've gone by. It's really quite crazy. I Love you all, and pray for you daily! Thanks for everything you've done! LOVES!
     = Mike

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