Monday, June 1, 2015

Japan week #94

This was another great week! We were busy, and this upcoming week is going to be even more busy.
  Last Monday Elder Israelsen and I went on splits, and went south to the boonies of Ebetsu, and found the coolest forest and hiking trails, and a flipping baseball stadium! And it was open! So we got to go and throw a couple pitches. Haha! But we had a really fun day, and a member in the ward fed us that night, which was very nice and fun.
   On Wednesday we took an hour and a half long train ride to a place called Takikawa to go teach English since its two Japanese elders only. And that was really fun too! The branch president came and picked us up at the train station, and fed us dinner, was very nice of him.
   Friday we got to do some good dendo and then went and played soccer with one of our investigators and some of his buddies, which was a BLAST. We got to build a much better relationship, and meet some other really cool kids. And then we all went to a tenpura place for dinner, which was super good. And it made for a really fun day.
   And that was about it for this week. I cannot believe that I am starting my very last week of dendo... We are CRAZY busy with dinners, and investigators, and parties, and activities, and all sorts of other stuff. Should be crazy fun, but busy, and too fast. Time to rock the last week. This is it. I love you all, talk to you soon!

  Love, Mike

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