Sunday, November 17, 2013

Japan week #15

  So I have to make this a bit faster, running out of time! Elder lee makes me very distracted!!
     So RIGHT after I emailed last week, the snows came, and they came hard. It didn't stop snowing in fact, until Wednesday morning. We got a LOT of snow. That Monday we went up into the mountains, did some housing, and got the COPS called on us!! Apparently someone had called the cops, told them two white guys showed up on the doorstep, told them to die, and left. The cops didn't believe it at all, but they had to go out and investigate. They were WAY nice when they found us. So what could have been a LAME situation, wasn't so bad. :) And we biked all day. ;) 
  Tuesday was the craziest day this week! We biked to a place about ten miles away, and it was all in the snow. They ride down wasn't so bad, but the ride back was CRAZY! We were biking through like 6 inches of snow, and it was a blizzard the whole ride home, and it was a CRAZY blizzard! When we got to our bikes after housing, we found them as BLOCKS OF ICE. I'm not even joking. We had to head to the nearest store, and we bought lighters. But that did not work at all. So we instead...bought hot coffee. And poured it over our bikes to melt the chains and the gears. :P HAHAHAHAHA! We can't believe we had to do that. We greased em up as soon as we could, figuring the coffee wasn't good for it. My bike smelled disgusting. :P We were SO DEAD after that bike ride. 
  Thursday we went on splits to Tomakomai, about an hour and a half east of Muroran. We had a blast, and I went on splits with Elder Galeria, who only has 2 transfers left, and he just got finished being ap, so I learned a ton!  We taught some lessons, had a great time, and he was WAY impressed with my japanese. Which makes me feel good!
 The language is coming pretty well. Elder Lee as well is way impressed that my japanese is where it's at. He's afraid his next comp won't have as good of Japanese as me, makes me feel good about myself. ;) Haha! Still not fluent though! Gotta keep working!! 
   Friday was EPIC! We had an AWESOME lesson with a Sasaya San. He is way prepared, and he was accepting everything we taught him. We taught lesson one, about the restoration. We committed him to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and come to church. Church was like, way soon though, so he didn't think he could do it, which is understandable. But we also invited him to be baptized, and we were prarying so hard that he'd say yes and make a date, and he really though about it a lot, but ended up saying he wants to study more! :( Next lesson he'll say yes. ;) Haha! Pray for him please! 
  And nothing really special happened on Saturday or Sunday. I'm having a  BLAST with Elder Lee, we really have just SO MUCH FUN. Almost too much I feel like sometime! He's making this transfer go by way fast! We're already almost half done with it! O.O It's just too much fun being obedient, diligent, and BUSY! It's the greatest. I love you all family!! Thank you for all you do!
   Love you!! 


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