Sunday, November 24, 2013

Japan week #16

 First off, I love you all. You all light my world. ;) I'm having a ton of fun here, and the work is going forward! This week was a BLAST. But, first off, Elder Lee.
    He's a stud. Crazy fun, crazy athletic, and has a CRAZY AWESOME desire to work hard. Love it! He's from Idaho, but his fmaily has lived all over the world: Japan, Italy, Singapore, and right before his mission he was going to school at BYU Hawaii. He's legit. Loves sports, loves being a missionary, and is such a goof. I can't believe how fast this transfer is going by. We're already over half done. O.O THAT BLOWS MY MIND. We just have way too much fun everyday. And our ideas are amazing, it's really been an amazing couple weeks. 
  This week was crazy fun. Monday was way rainy, and for Sister Evan's birthday we asked a nihonjin on the street to take a video of us jumping in a HUGE puddle for here! HAHA! Way too much fun. :) We also made a flyer of us hanging upside down on some monkey bars to give to inavtice members / active members when we try to visit them and they're not home. We also gave one to one of our investigators who wasn't home, and because she got it she called us and set up an appointment for next week! WONDERFUL idea! :) 
   Wednesday we found a secret community hidden in the mountains. WAY cool. We were dendoing way up in the boonies, and it was great. At one point, there was a crazy annoying dog, and he'd been barking at us for like, an hour. So I walked up to him, and while he was barking at us, I yelled at him, and charged at him, and FREAKED HIM OUT! He RAN away as fast as he could just whining the whole way! Japanese dogs have NO back bone, and NO bite. It's way funny! All my missionary dog stories are going to be me harrassing the dogs. ;) 
   That same day though, riding out in the secret neighborhood, I broke my bike!! Well, just one of the cranks. The screw for it had stripped way bad, and so I had to ride down some mountains with only one foot, (I know that one foot thing pretty well ;)) And got it replaced. Had to buy a new crank for 15 bucks, and our bike shop guy got me new pedals for free, so I got it pretty good there!! 
  The next day we were out in the boonies again, and we had a great idea. Crow Hunting, with slingshots. Crows here are CRAZY PESTS, and everyone hates them, including us. So, for p day today, we're going to go hunt crows with epic slingshots we made. Gonna have to tell you all about it next week. ;) Don't be too freaked out that I'm hunting crows, it'll be great!
   So you know the story of us melting our bikes with coffee? Well we took a train down there this time, and it saved us like, 30 minutes. Needless to say, we're NEVER biking down there again. The train was like, 2 bucks! So, public transpo from now on! 
   So, sad news. I CANNOT Skpye home. It's a rule from president evans, only phone calls. And for only about an hour max or so. :( Sorry, I was way bummed, but, there's a reason why, and we're blessed for obedience, so we'll survive. 
   So, we're dang fools, and celebrated thanksgiving a week early, BUT! It was great nonetheless. We went out to sushi, and it was DELICIOUS. Thanksgiving isn't a thing here, so we had to celebrate alone. ;) 
  That was daitai our week, ALL of our appointments fell through, so we didn't get to teach many lessons, but we still had tons of work do it. Thanks for everything you do everyone! I love you all dearly!
   OH! We need epic christmas music. Could I perhaps ask specifically for Josh Groban's Christmas Album? That would light Elder Lee and mines world aflame. And whatever else you might like to include. Thank you all so much! Tell the Laurels that I really appreciate them sending me a package, and who knows, maybe I'll get it after they incinerate the beef jerky. ;) Haha!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

       Elder Dialogue

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