Monday, January 6, 2014

Japan week #22

Hey everyone! Thanks for the emails! I love you all! :) This has been one epically fun week. :D But, a few things first. One, I watched the DVD, not sure if I told you or not, it was amazing. Made me LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH. It was lovely. :) One question...Orange is my color? Really? Fo hontos? Ok! I don't understand that one, maybe I'll get an orange tie and model some pictures and send em. ;) Two, I showed my pictures to some members, and they all told me that they think Mom is also a bijin. Congratz Momma, they love ya here! And they also said we looked like we could be married in our central america trip pictures. EVERYONE says that, americans, nihonjin, who'da thunk? Three, dad, you're gonna love this one. Guess what I found out is culturally rude here. Bouncing your legs. Yeah, my habit, that I don't even realize I do. It's rude here... Great. Gotta stop that quick like. ;) And Kozuma Choro loves Josh, thinks he's awesome. He says Yoroshiku to josh. Just means like, good vibes, good feelings, wishing ya well. We'd say tell him hi for me, that kind of thing.
   So this week was a blast! With it being shogatsu and all, new years, we weren't able to do a ton of regular dendo. Didn't have much opportunities to go knock on lots of doors and what not. But we still got lots done. We had dinner every night with a member this week, which was AMAZING. The ward set it up so EVERYONE got gouched, it was wonderful. :) This ward has some great chefs, and we had a ton of fun with the members, they are so epic here! This week all in all was pretty uneventful. We went to the big shrine in Obihiro on the first, and participated in some fun cultural new years things. Chucking money at a barrel, getting a fortune slip out of a box, I got the best fortune you can get, just saying. ;) And eating some good food! Had lots of fun!
   This week though I've had a few cool spiritual experiences, and we were able to meet with Sato San. I'm running out of time, I wasted time trying to copy pictures, gomen! So I'll have to take these a little fast. We met with Sato San, taught Lesson 3, all about the gospel of Christ, faith, repentance, that jazz. And she FINALLY made a baptismal date!! :D She chose the date, and it's kinda far away because she wants to go slow even though she's progressing so fast! It's April 4th. So, odds are I won't see it. BUT! That's ok! SO long as she sticks to it! And who knows, maybe she'll be prompted to get it sooner, we'll see! That was such a sweet experience. :)
   And this week during my personal study I've had a couple amazing experiences. I've been thinking a lot about Christ, his life, his mission, his purpose, those kind of themes. And I've felt Heavenly Father and Christ's love for me stronger than I ever have before. I had one morning where I was just sitting in tears, for no reason. It's just been so good this week. I've really been growing in love for everyone in this area, my companion, myself, and most importantly the Savior. That's what I've been experiencing this week, lots of love. :) And It's been wonderful. Thanks so much for all you do!! I love you all dearly!
    Love, Mike
P.S. I sent a package today with some stuff in it for the family. I forgot to write in it who each item belongs to, so I'll tell ya here. MOM: Epic folding fan given to me by an investigator in Muroran. He hand made it, it's amazing. CHRISTA: Cards from a very famous anime here called Garitame. Way cool, thought you'd like em. JOSH: BOLT MAN! From Muroran. :) Megan and Jake: Chop sticks! Whichever one you guys like best, have at em! Dad: Haven't found anything specific to send you yet, for now, it was the Shuwa Shuwa chips. ;) And by the way, you guys weren't slaughtering the pronunciation TOO badly. ;) LOVE YOU ALL!

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