Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Japan week #26

    Sorry this is late, again. :P Sometimes craziness happens on our pdays, and so we push back our emailing time. BUT! I still have it, so that's nice. ;)
    Thank you so much for getting me mah ukulele chords and what not! :D I'm very excited to start slaying it! I know a couple of simple songs and what not, and I want to broaden what I know, so thanks so much!
Very excited! :) So, I made a video that talks about the cheese, but it's only the SD card I'm currently using, so you won't see it for a bit. :P Sorry! BUT! The cheese was amazing. My mind was blown, and when Elder Lee found out those bricks in my package was cheese, he was like, 'AWWW MAN!! You should have opened it in Muroran so I could have eaten it!!' But yeah, it was flipping amazing. I'm just about done with the pepper jack, the last brick of cheese left, and then it's all gone. :( But boy has it lit up my world. I eat a bit every morning with my eggs. :)
    Last week was a blast. :) We didn't have too much happen, but it was still good. Now that I think about it, nothing really special happened. We just did lots of dendo! We did find the most HIPSTER cafe in all of Obihiro though, it's great. One of our investigators, Yamamoto San, has some friends that own this cafe. And since Yamamoto San is a counselor, she goes to their cafe once a week for a few hours to provide free counseling for people that come that want it. Way nice of her, desho? But so we occasionally go when she's there because she isn't crazy busy doing counseling, and it turns into a good opportunity to teach her, and the people that work at this cafe. The owners are way, how do you describe them...They're way nice people, and they're way like, deep thinkers, I guess might be one way to say it. But they love learning about people, and talking, and so they always like to hear about what we do and about our religion. So it's way cool. But yeah, this cafe is nuts. It's small, and the hipster vibes are CRAZY. Everything in it is hand made I'm sure, an d it just has that feel of being a low key underground kind of no one knows it place. :P It's great. Haha!!!
    So this transfer is going to be CRAZY. In just about an hour from now we're catching a bus to Sapporo for Zone Conference. It's a three zone combined deal, so it's going to be a mad house. And we're not coming back home till Friday morning! So we have effectively three days of dendo this week wiped out!! :O OH! In Sapporo though, tonight, or tomorrow after zone conference, we're going to the Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo. The really famous snow festival every year!! :D :D STUUUUUPID excited, I'll take lots of pictures and video for you all. :) And then next we have a zone training meeting in Kushiro that we have to travel to, and then that weekend we have to go to Sapporo AGAIN for Sister Evans's music night, and we won't be back till Sunday night probably.
     We're missing church in our ward, which is like, CRAZY NO NO for missionaries, but we've got the ok because of the music night. The week after that will be normal, but then the following week is music night again, AND transfers... We're going to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and it's going to make this transfer fly by SO FAST. Not sure if I'm excited for that or not. I was thinking a lot this morning about the fact that I've been here for over 6 months now, and that I'm already a quarter done, and that scares me!! I don't wanna be done! I don't even wanna be close to done! Japan has stolen mah heart! ;) Haha!!
  I'm very glad to hear that everyone is doing well. :) Sounds like everyone is having a grand time, which I love to hear! Know that I'm doing fantastic, I'm being blessed everyday, and that I am loving this work. :)

  I love you all! Can't wait to hear from you all again! LOVES YOU!


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