Saturday, June 28, 2014

Japan week #46

Hey Everyone!! :D
  This has been a really fun week. Elder B and I have been having a blast, and we've been seeing some really sweet miracles. God really and honestly blesses our hard and consistent work!
  Our biggest goal for this transfer is obviously finding people to teach, and we were able to make a some good progress in that area! :D In particular we met two youngish guys that are WAY interested, and whom I think have some really good potential. One is named H San. Cool kid, about 25 years old. He has a lot of interest in learning about Christianity, and he really wants to hang out with us, so that's a way sick miracle! And yesterday at church we had the sickest miracle ever! We had Stake Conference this weekend, and that's been fun but, a man today just walked into the church building, and kinda sat down and minded his own business. I had never seen him before, but since it was stake conference I figured that he was probably from a different ward, so I didn't think much of it. After stake conference was over, I was talking to some people, and one of the sisters in my ward brings this man up to me and introduces me to him. Turns out he has been to church at least two times before that, and he's NOT a member. And she was like, why aren't you teaching him? To which I replied, "Never seen the man before!" ;) So we started talking to him, and he has the possibility to be the flipping most prepared person in the world. He was lived the last ten years of his life in Sapporo, and he lives alone, and has been searching for purpose in life. A friend of his from somewhere in Tokyo (where he is from originally) told him that he should go to his church, the LDS church. So, he did. Turns out this guy, O San, also reads the Bible a lot, and really enjoys it. He also believes in God as our Father in Heaven, and he wants to know more about Christ, and about our beliefs. He also takes EVERY Sunday off, so that he can study, and attend church. O.O This guy is flipping nuts! For a Japanese person, this is really prepared. Just believing in God is a huge thing out here! :D
  So we taught him a bit right after church, and since he's about 30, we invited him to the single adult activity they had after church, that we were invited to. And that was amazing! Had a fun time getting to know some members, and eating great food, it was just great for him, such a good way to get his relationship with the church started. He had a lot of fun, and we have a lesson scheduled later this week with him.
  So... BAM! Miracles do happen. :)
    And aside from that, nothing really notable happened this week. It's just been a lot of fun working really  hard, and laughing and feeling the joy of the Lord's work. :)
  Thanks for all you do, and for all your love everyone!
   Love, Mike 

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