Monday, June 30, 2014

Japan week #47

So, this has been a fun, but rough week.
   Last week we had a lot of miracles, investigators and people coming out of nowhere, only to move into this week where it all fell apart! No one would listen to  us at all this week out finding, all of our appointments fell through, lessons were stood up, just NOTHING worked out this week. It was flipping lame!! 
    And O San from last week, is not what we thought! We were talking to the Bishop about him, and he said the name sounded familiar. Looks it up, turns out that he got baptized years ago, but then went inactive and can't really come to church because of a mental illness he contracted...NEVER would've guessed...Seemed normal enough to me. So that happened. :P Haha!! But you know what, for all that didn't happen missionary work wise this week, was well made up for in different ways. 
  This week Elder B and I were able to connect really well. We've had some seriously cool, deep, spiritual conversations, and I've been able to really help him I think. We spent a long time one planning session talking about having a vision for what you want to be, and I was just feeling the spirit way strong, and I told him then what I could see him as: As this really strong, confident powerful missionary, super capable of doing everything he needs to do out here, and being able to help lots of people. And it made him cry. I don't know if he's had someone express that much love and confidence in him on his mission, and it was a really tender spiritual experience. So this week still ROCKED in my book. It was rough, but the Lord is blessing me ad my comp, and this area in ways that we don't even know. :) Thanks for all you're love and support!
 Love, Mike

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