Sunday, November 16, 2014

Japan week #67

Hey everyone!
     This has been a stellar week! Elder Kojima and I have worked our butts off this week, and we have seen lots of cool miracles for it. We didn't have too much going on this week, so we spent a lot of time finding, and our efforts were rewarded! We have been able to find a lot of really cool people that want to talk to us. We also have found a few people that have a little bit of a christian background, and proselyting those people is so nice! They are way more interested and willing to listen than the average Japanese person, so that's been epic! We have about 20 appointments that we were able to make for next week, so that's super exciting! Can't wait to find some great people that'll start progressing! 
      We did have one REALLY cool miracle this week! We went to teach a  lesson to our only investigator, K San, and since she's a single woman we can't go inside her apartment alone, so we stood at her front door and start talking to her. After a few minutes her neighbor comes out of his apartment, and starts yelling at us! He's like, you guys are super loud, and I can't relax, and just going on and on and telling us to go home, and he wouldn't believe my comp is Japanese. He kept saying that his Japanese was weird, and that he was Korean. (Korea and japan kinda hate each other, not sure if you knew that, so being called Korean is a big deal) and it got to the point where it looked like he was gonna start throwing some punches. But then right before that, he just stopped out of nowhere, and looked like he was going to start crying. Said he was super lonely, and that he needed something in his life, and that he wanted to hear what we had to say. SO we get our investigator, go into this mans apartment, and taught a two hour lesson. Was super cool! :P Hopefully he progresses well! We're excited to see him again! 
    And we also got the first snows of the year this week!! And in Hokkaido japan, once it starts, it doesn't stop!! BRING IT ON! :D

 Love you all, have a great week!
 Love, Mike 

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