Sunday, November 30, 2014

Japan week #69

Hey everyone! :D 
  SO this was a sweet week! We saw a couple cool miracles, and we've been having a TON of fun! :D Can't believe that it's already December! My how the time goes! 
   So do you guys remember last week, the guy that freaked out at us when we were starting our lesson with K san? And then he let us inside his apartment and we taught him a lesson? Well, we saw him again this week! And he is amazing! When we first met him, he was plastered out of his mind, but this time he was way cleaned up, looked really good, and was SUPER cool. Really thought about everything we told him, and it was a SUPER special lesson. at one point, he told us that he didn't think that real truth existed anymore, that it was all gone, and then kinda looked up at us with this look of hopelessness. And then, feeling the spirit like mad men, testified of the restoration of real truth. And that he can know it. I haven't ever had an experience quite like that before. SUPER cool. SO we're very excited to getting to continue working with him. :)
   We also were able to find another really humble guy in his thirties that wants to talk to us. He is struggling with some personal issues, and he told us that we came to him at just the right time, and that he feels like something like our message could really help him. His name is E San, and he's way cool. Seems way nice, and we're looking forward to meeting him again and start teaching him. 
 I really know that as we work hard, we are blessed. I've seen incredible miracles in finding and teaching in all of my areas, and I know that all we need to do is put our heart into this work, and that as we do that, it will all work for good. I love this. Looking forward to SLAYING what's left. :) Love you all, have a great week!

 Love, Mike 

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