Monday, April 13, 2015

Japan week #87

So this was another great week! Elder Skinner and I are killing it! Teaching lots of lessons, finding LOTS of new people to start teaching, and it's been glorious. We were worried about not having lots of time to work this week, because of conference, some stupid ipad online courses thing, :P and bicycle maintenance. But we got our work on, and we busted out some great times. No super cool stories really, but just lots of hard honest work, which has been wonderful. :) I LOVE working like this for this's the single greatest experience. :)
  We FINALLY got our bikes back on Wednesday this week. My poor baby was HAMMERED from the missionary that had to temp use we got our bikes, and spent two hours or so fixing them all up. I had a couple spokes that I needed to tighten, a punc that needed some work, I had to tighten up some breaks, and a host of other junk, and then do it for all the other elder's bikes since they didn't know how to do it on their own. :P Turns out I had a HUGE piece of glass in my front tire...thanks other elder! >.> And had to replace the tire, so I found a nice tire for 25 bucks, put it on myself to save some cash, and after greasing up all the unseemlies, she's working great! :) Not as cool as motorcycle maintenance but...made me feel good to work on even just a bicycle. :P
  General conference was also amazing. Spiritual highlight as always, and it blows me away that it's my last one as a missionary. My how the time flies.
  And that's about it! We are getting ipads on the 17th, this Friday, so that'll be crazy. Not excited for it, at all, but whatever. :P I'll get used to using it after a month and a half, and then come home... いいんじゃない. Love you all, thanks for all your support!

 Love, Mike 

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