Sunday, April 5, 2015

Japan week #86

This has been another incredibly amazing week! We have been working our BUTTS off, and we've been reaping in the blessings. We were about to increase our teaching pool again by about 4 people, and we're looking forward to working with all of these new people! We have a few people that we're planning on inviting to baptism this week, so that'll be epic! Hopefully we can make some baptismal dates, and start getting people progressing in the right direction faster!
   Nothing too crazy happened, no super crazy stories or anything, but we did have one really sad experience. We met a lady called N San last week, I think I wrote about her in my email, but we went to go visit her, and it felt like we were fighting with nail and tooth for her salvation. We met her, and she said that she had read some of the Book of Mormon, but that when her JW friends found out, they got SUPER pissed, and were yelling at her to burn it, and not talk to us, and all sorts of stuff. And so they super scared her away from us, and so during the 15 minutes we got to talk to her, it was GAME TIME. We were bearing hard testimony, and doing everything we could ot not lose her. Elder Skinner and I have high expectations for her, and we met her under such coool circumstances, so we don't want to lose her. But nothing we said could deter her, and she doesn't want anything to do with us anymore. We said at a future point we'd come back one more time, and if she still felt the same, we'd leave it at that, so we can still go see her one more tie, but we were crushed. In this work, you get the greatest happiness, and the greatest sadness, its nuts. And that was more or less our week.
  I'm looking forward to watching general conference next week! Can't wait! :D
 Elder SKinner and I are having a BALL, and we're loving each and every single day. The work is amazing, and I'm so dang happy, everyday. :) This is true. I know it, and I will not, cannot deny it. :) Have a marvelous week, my prayers are with you!

 Love, Elder Dialogue

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