Friday, May 22, 2015

Japan week #92

 One more week down... And boy was it fast! We had a crazy fun week, with lots of craziness... First off, pday was a blast. There is a big memorial tower in atsubetsu, about a thirty minute bike ride for us here in ebetsu, and it flipping looks like the isengard tower from lord of the rings! :P It's pretty stinking awesome so we went and spent some time up there. There's lots of walking trails too, so we had a blast walking and pics and what not. Even took a music video on one of the walking paths, be excited! :P haha!
  And then we had a zone conference in asahikawa.... Again... So we caught our train on Wednesday and headed up there. It was cool, and president gave some good workshops, but I didn't get as much out of it as I could've because of elder numano. He woke one morning last week with stroke like symptoms, like, his face is half paralyzed, and he's pretty sick. So I was trying to make him feel better the whole time, since we're super tight, and he's one of my favorite companions. So for that reason I didn't get too much out of conference, but I feel like the time was still well spent. Elder numano went home with a smile, so I feel that my mission was accomplished. There's only so much I can do with with the time I have left.
   And the with the rest of our week we got to dendo hard! Had some good teaching opportunities, got to talk to lots of people, and we're able to bring an investigator to a members house last night for dinner, so things are looking great here! We also got to see our baptismal date investigator, and he's just stays stinking awesome as ever! Making good progress! We also have this weird kid who's an "investigator" now... He came to church last week just randomly, but he's not normal, I think he has some crazy social anxiety issues... He won't tell us his name or anything, or what he does, and he isn't super interested in hearing anything about the church, he just came to church for who knows what reason. And he came again this week! And it was the same way... We're going out to lunch with him today though, so hopefully we can make some progress with him, and figure out if he even needs baptism or not. But he's a nice kid :) and I love him.
    Thanks for all you're support everyone!! Love you!

    Love, Mike

 Sapporo Temple
Sapporo Temple


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