Saturday, July 6, 2013

MTC week #1

Saturday, June 8, 2012

My pday is on Saturday, so I get to email and what not today!! Huzzah!  I'm having a blast here at the MTC. It's CRAZY! We're SUPER busy, it's kinda nuts. And learning japanese is crazy cool. The language is awesome and is just plain fun to speak. It's a very fluid language, and I'm getting a lot of help from the spirit. I'm already really proficient at pronunciation and reading romanji. Romanji is the japanese words in english characters, not the japanese characters. We start learning those, hiragana and catagana, next week. Should be awesome! We also taught our first lesson yesterday, entirely in japanese. That was rough. :P We had hardly anything to say it felt like, because of the language barrier, but even though we're still so new to this whole gig I felt confident and good going in, and I was able to understand much of what our "investigator" said. It was really cool. We have another lesson today and boy am I excited, nervous, but excited. Just need to adequatly prepare and go in with faith, and we'll rock his socks off. It's crazy how busy the MTC is, we had 914 other missionaries report the same day as me, which is the most of any reporting day ever in history!! Holy cow!!! It's awesome. :) I'm loving my roomies. You were excited to hear about my new best friend, but I"m going to have five new best friends by the time this is done, and we're all going to Sapporo! Which is sweet :) My instructor is a return missionary from Japan, he can speak english, and he occasionally will say a word or two in Eigo, english, to help us understand the Nihhongo, Japanese. But speaks 95% only Japanese to help us learn lightning fast. And boy are we learning fast. We aren't super good or anything yet, but only 3 days in and we can do ALL the introduction stuff you can think of, say a prayer, and share a testimony. It's really quite amazing how fast we're going. I'm just blown away by the sheer awesome of it all. I am LOVING the japanese language, LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's one thing I look forward to everyday. The whole Japanese missionary community here is super cool as well. We have ranks. ;) The noobies, us, are Ko Hai, the people who have been here for 3 weeks are Senpai, the ones three weeks above them are Dai Senpai, and anyway that's been here for longer than that is Dai Dai Senpai. So the senpai, including the daitachi, are incredible. They seem like they know so much already, but they're still here, it's kinda weird. But cool :) We learn a lot from them, plus we get some good support, which is awesome.
     Every night before we go to bed we have a district prayer, which is super easy because I room with every elder in my district ;) There's only six of us. We're OUTNUMBERED by the shimaitachi, sisters. It's incredible!! There are a ton of sisters, and they have some amazing power, it's quite the experience that we get to share this journey with so many of them. It's very cool :) We are district 12, and we're epic, I have to say. :) Anyways, we have elder district prayer each night, and even though we've only been here for three nights, I already love them all, we're become FAST friends, and it's amazing. We're all enjoying the spirit together, and enjoying the power of being missionaries together. My companion is Elder Brandolino. He's from Murray, Utah. He's a super cool guy. He's got a strong testimony and has some great insights, I've been really trying to listen to his input and try not to just run away with what I think needs to be done, he's a great support and a real blessing. he did a year at The U before coming to the MTC, so he's in a very similar boat as I am. I love the rest of my fellow chorotachi as well, everyone I room with is amazing and has some great insights and I'm learning lots from all of them. Elder Goddard is 24 right now, and he was inactive since he was 16, but events in his life fell just perfectly that he could make his return to the church, and now he's here with us, learning and growing just the same. It's amazing. I'm constantly blown away by the great things that are always happening here.
   I usually write every night before bed, both in my journal and I've already written and sent a letter home. :) My branch president advised us to do that, so I did. So all of you can expect an individual letter when I get your letters. :) They might come at different times though, ;) Just saying. So there is going to be a huge broadcast on the 23rd, not sure if you've heard about that or not, but it's for every member of the church, there's a lot of bustle about it here at the MTC though, something big is going down. But they want a choir of like, 1100 missionaries, and I'm going to be a part of it! :D :D Shoell Choro and I decided to join the choir, and we can do splits so we can go to choir practice together. I'm super excited for that. :) Anyways, I'm running out of time, I'll talk to you all soon! Love Love Love!

Ai shittemasu!!
Dialogue Choro
P.S. Ai shittemasu means I love you, Choro is Elder

P.P.S. It's pronounced I shtay mahs by the way, in case you want to say it ;)

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