Saturday, July 6, 2013

MTC week #4

Saturday, June 29, 2012

       I got my birthday package on the 26th, but I couldn't pick it up till the 27th. The mail lady said happy birthday to me and I was like, "What? Is this my package?" I had TOTALLY forgotten about my half birthday! LOL! I'm just so sucked up in the Lord's work here, it's crazy! I got the other package as well with my leatherman and maps and pictures, and my EPIC SLC 2013 SX shirt, that I'm wearing right now btw. ;) Respect! :) Thank you so much for everything. I'm dying to dig into the chips and queso tonight....OHHH man I'm so excited. Here at the MTC you get way excited for the little things. Like this morning I was SO excited to go do laundry. :P Haha!! Crazy right? I was like yeah!!! Laundry time!! WOO! Brando felt the same way. :) Err, Elder Brandolino, excuse me. ;) Anything to add some varitey to our schedules we get super excited about. And p-day eve's are almost better than p-day, just because of the excitement for pday, it's funny. :) We all go around wishing each other happy p-day eve, it's great!
      OH! I found some computers here with built in card readers!! So I'll try and send some pictures tonight, if they even work, which I know some of them don't. >.> I'll still send my sd card. There's a few pictures on it. All the other SD cards work, so we're in business there,. :)
        It kils me, when you're talking about all this lasagna, and all this potato salad, and what not. I want good food so badly! The temple food is amazing, but I can't have that anymore after today, I"ll explain why in a second. The food here is mediocre tasting at best, but what makes it so bad, is that we're all so scared of it. Meat is RARELY cooked enough, dishes and sliverware are never really that clean, and the cafeteria is just kinda gross in general. It's nuts. I cannot WAIT to get to Japan and eat all their good stuff...I'm tired of eating here. :P
      About the temple, today is our last temple day for the duration of my MTC experience. It's being closed after today for rennovations, or cleaning, or something, similar to the Boise Temple, and it won't be open again till long after we leave the MTC. So today is my last day at the temple for 2 years... O_O Oh man... I'm not looking forward to that! It'll be alright though, I'll be in Japan serving the Lord and preaching the word. :)
    Speaking about the temple, I just got out of the temple. :) I am writing this in different parts of the day ;) It was fantastic. Went and did initiatories and that was great. I love those promises, pretty powerful stuff.
    Being district leader is kinda crazy, but cool. I have to conduct senior companion interviews and report everything we do basically back to the Branch President. It's a sweet responsibility, and I'm learning a lot about serving people. I've been able to help solve conflicts and help support my fellow missionaries and it's phenominal. I love the revelation I get that specifically helps my district, it's incredible. It's amazing that God cares enough to give me, a pretty non special guy, revelation and direction in all the things I do, as well as revelation that can help those around me. It's just such a testimony to me. Just last night I was talking to one of the senior companions in my disctrict, one of the Elders, and he and his companion have been butting heads a bit the past week and there are some issues there that they need to work through. And as he was talking to me he was saying all these things that he didn't like about his comp and all these things that he doesn't do right, and that he's frustrated by. And I'm listening and offering my input when I get a chance, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, this simple thought pops into my head. And I know it wasn't my thought, but was a prompting from the Spirit to aid me in my calling as District Leader. I challenged this Elder then, as I was directed by the Spirit, to look for the good in his companion, and to focus on those things that he can learn from him. I told him how we're assigned to our companions through inspiriation and that there is something we can learn and become better at through our companions, and I encouraged him to find those things in his companion. It was just so amazing to me, the Spirit is so incredible, and the help it brings works mighty miracles. I get to go to a bunch of meetings though tomorrow because I'm district leader, HAHA! Darn responsibility! ;) I was kinda not wanting to be district leader in the beginning, but I'm so grateful this calling is mine for a few weeks. It is blessing me and through it I'm able to bless my district.
    Elder Brandolino and I are like best friends at this point. Of ALL the companionships in my district, we're the closest. I was kinda worried at first when I met him, because we were quite different, but we have gotten so close, especially this last week. We work really well together, and we see eye to eye on a lot of things and we are just so united in every decision we make, usually. ;) Those times when we aren't it's no big deal, and we find compromises that both of us like so easily. I'm SO SO SO blessed to be with Elder Brandolino. I love him dearly and I'm so glad that I have him for my MTC experience. I was really hoping and praying that I'd get a comp that I'd have no problems with, and the Lord blessed me with him, Huzzah! :) We're always walking around and laughing and learning and having good days everyday, I'm so happy that he's my comp.
  So one big thing that's happened, is that Elder Brandolino, Elder Strachan and I, have started a work out routine. Weights, cardio, all the works. It's going great, We started the end of last week and we're going strong. Brandolino is a freakin champ, the man is a MONSTER in the gym, holy cow. It's sweet that we're all working together to stay in shape/get in better shape. We have our schedule taped to our door so we see it everyday, and all of our committments as well. Things like eating only one dessert a day, eating less, eating better, it's good stuff. And we all keep each other on it which is great. :) The eating committements aren't that hard for me, seeing as how I'm scared of going to meals at this point. ;) Our goal is to be "jacked" by the end of our MTC stay, as Elder Strachan says. Lol, Canadians, what can I say? ;) Haha! It's been fun, I'm feeling great, in a painful kinda sore way, you understand. ;)
  One last thing, you asked about Elder White. He and I were on splits together when I gave him his letter, (splits that I authorized, hoorah DL ;)) And he was SO STOKED. Told me how that was an answer to his prayer and that he was so happy that he got a letter. We kinda teased him afterward about it being from my sister and what not, but it was good. :) Made his day, he's been doing a lot better since. We did write him letters and what not, and we non chalantly pass them out with the mail, that I also get, hoorah DL >.> ;) He also for whatever reason doesn't get any money on Wednesdays like we do, so he has no cash to do anything with, laundry, nothing. And from his meager funds he laminated some sweet pictures that he drew of Brandolino and I, so we went and put a ten dollar bill on his bed when he was out and didn't tell him we gave it to him. Made his day today. :) He's really a cool guy. 
    By the way, can you guys pray for Mikey to get his visa soon? He's hoping he gets it this week, and he wants SO BADLY to go to Argentina. Thanks. :)

   I've also been writing Grandma Lyn regularly, I'm happy to hear from her often. She cut out a newspaper clipping of the broadcast for me to put in my journal, which was awesome. :)
      Anyways, I've got nothing left to say. ;) I'm loving the life, I'm loving my bros, and I love being a missionary. Looking down and seeing my tag is just the greatest feeling. I'm looking forward to another great week and I cannot wait to hear from everyone. :) I love you all!!

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