Sunday, September 8, 2013

Japan week #5

Dear Kazoku!
   Hey everyone! Glad to hear from you all! This week has be crazy, again! Just like last week. First though, I got your letter dated on the twentieth of August, on the 5th of September!! So I don't know what's up with that... I got it though! And that's what is important! So Tuesday we went to Hakodate, the 'capital' so to speak, for our zone for Zone Training Meeting. It's about two hours by train to the southwest of Muroran. There were 11 of us in a 2 man apartment that first night, was CRAZY! We took up every patch of floor, and even the pantry and closet! It was a ton of fun. :) It was great to meet all my zonemates too. There are some COOL elders in my zone. Oh!! Brandolino Choro is in my zone too! So I got to hang out with him for two days which we were SO HAPPY about. We're like best buds at this point. Love each other. 
   Wednesday was ZTM. I'm not sure how it's different from Zone Conference, but it is, I guess. We did some workshops, led by the zone leaders and AP's. We did lots of roleplays, good discussions, and it was fun. The focus was on member involvement, and unity in our companionship's, both of which are CRITICAL to success as a missionary. So that was very good to discuss I think. After ZTM we had a zone activity. We played some silly games, tons of fun. ;) And then went to Mt. Hakodate. It's on the very southern part of Hakodate, and it overlooks the entire city. It's like the third best night view in the world with the city lights, and man it did NOT disappoint. The pictures I took don't do it justice. It was simply beautiful!
  We spent the night again in Hakodate and then caught the 8am train home. Thursday we finally after a few weeks of trying, got to meet with two of our potential investigators, Nagata San and Kanauchi san!! We chated it up, and got some of their schedule info so we can meet with them easier. :D Oh! At ZTM we found out that next transfer a companionship of sisters will be coming to Muroran!! O_O It hasn't been more than just two elders here for years!! That's crazy!! It's cool to think though how we've been unknowingly prepping the area for shimai. Lots of women pi's, lots of women members who want to dendo, and other stuff like that. It's crazy. The dynamic is going to be so much different here with shimai! It's exciting stuff!!
   On Friday we went to visit a slightly less active member again, Sato Shimai. When we got there she was so happy to see us, said she'd been praying for the Elders to come by. :D With the crazy rain recently, she's been really afraid of landslides. So she asked us to dedicate her home, for physical and spiritual safety. I didn't even know we could do that!! After we finished at her place we just walked away, stunned. It was such a cool opportunity to be an answer to a prayer. It's the greatest feeling. I also got to pet a kitty for the first time since before the MTC! :D He walked up to me, flopped down on my foot, and I couldn't say no. Elder Harper didn't understand how happy that made me. ;) We also tried to make cookies, in the microwave...It failed. Horribly. So perhaps Momma you could send us your chocolate chip cookie recipe? We'll use the church's stove too. ;)  
  Saturday was regular, nothing to report there. But I got MEGA sick Sunday!! :( I have been having crazy fevers, and I don't know why!! Gah!! So anyways, that's been my week. Today we're going to world famous onsen, (hot srpings) in Noboribetsu, so that'll be AWESOME!! Also doing splits tomorrow, so I'll have a nihonjin comp for a day, that'll be interesting. ;) Dad!! A couple things. How do you like being high priest group leader? ;) So, you know the song that goes, la la la la la la la la la laaa means, I love you!! Right? I was in a convenience store, which are huge here, and I heard it come on!! Made me laugh! Never thought I'd hear that song in Japan! :) Thanks for everything you do family! I love you all! By the way dad, got any ideas for ending rust? My keys are getting hammered from the weather over here.


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