Monday, September 23, 2013

Japan week #7

Dear Kazoku,
 This has been another trying week. I haven't had crazy fevers, but I've still been having mild fevers, diarrhea, and NO energy. So it's been rough. Still haven't been able to go out and do much regular work. But we've been doing what we can. 
    As you may have noticed in my pictures, my hair was getting a tad long. :P So we finally went and got haircuts last Monday. :D So that was nice! I can finally put my hair back up now! ;) That Monday night was awesome too. We went to go have a curry party / family home evening with a family in the ward, the Kamada's. They invited some non member friends over and we had a great time. Elder Harper and I made ALL the curry, it was nuts. I've never seen so much curry in my life before. We had a TON of fun. We taught a lesson on families for that family home evening with everyone there and that went really well. The friends they invited over are all young families, and the Spirit was definitely there, so that went very well. :) 
     Tuesday was also awesome. It was transfer call day. Elder Harper and I are staying in Muroran, big surprise ;), but one of our Tomokomai boys left us to go become a district leader up north in Asahikawa! :O We'll miss him a ton, he is such a cool nihonjin, I love him to death! After all that I spent some time resting, because I wasn't feeling well, and that evening we went and and decorated the new shimai's apartment. We got some garland, balloons, and poster material, and we spiffied up the place! Elder Harper made some posters to hang up, and it was glorious. :) The Shimai loved it. 
      Wednesday I was feeling good enough to go out and do some work so we made some NA visits, and visited the Sasahara's in the ward. They're strong members, but their health is declining rapidly. They're on the older side, and so it's sad but natural to see their health decline. Sasahara SHimai had recently burnt her hand rather severely while cooking, and she had to go to the hospital for it, and during our visit with them she asked us for a blessing. That was such a special blessing for me. I love being able to use my priesthood. Ever since becoming an Elder I've had quite a few opportunities to participate/ give blessings, and I love that I'm worthy and able to use that power to bless those around me. It's so special to me. Every time I use it, it makes me want to honor it even more so that I can always be worthy of it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I am able to use that power to help those around me.
     Thursday was the big day, the new sister's arrived! First shimai missionaries here in twenty years! O.O Crazy, right? We picked them up at the train station, got their stuff to their apartment, and wished them a good night, they arrived quite late at night. Elder Harper and I have felt impressed to do everything we can to help the shimai be as successful as possible. Obviously Muroran is ready for shimai, so we want to do all we can to help them. Our two new shimai are Kuroki Shimai Nihonjin, and Soderquist Shimai, gaijin. Soderquist Shimai just arrived from the MTC, and Kuroki shimai is training. It's quite a feat to open an area AND train at the same time, that's awesome for her. Kuroki shimai is really cool and awesome, very experienced missionary. Her bean is WAY quiet though, she seems very overwhelmed, so I hope she acclimates well. 
       Saturday was an awesome day as well. I was feeling pretty good, so we went and did service for the Muroran Library. They recently changed locations, and so they are still setting up the new place. We moved shelves, display cases, and a TON of boxes. We had a great time. :) I'm still not 100 percent, and the work killed what little energy I had. :P Came home and crashed. But it was awesome nonetheless. Was very nice to get out and do something. 
    At church yesterday we had a big like welcome party for the shimai. It was WAY big. Tons of food, great company, twas fun. The shimai here have probably gotten the greatest welcome a missionary has ever received in all history! It was quite the shindig! The ward is VERY excited to have shimai, so hopefully they do all they can to help the sisters be successful. 
 So yeah, that was my week. Still dealing with illness, but next week we're just going to do as much as I can everyday. Gotta do something! I'm down to 30 total pounds lost also, it's crazy. I only weigh like 187 now, i REALLY can't believe it. I'm afraid my pants won't fit soon! Gotta tighten those belts! Just for fun last night I wore those thorlo socks Mom sent me, and they are QUITE nice. Super comfy, I thoroughly enjoyed them. ;)
   I'm doing much better than I was before! Thanks for all your prayers! I can't wait to hear from you all!
            Love love love! 
So Dad, about the micro usb keyboard, I think that'd be awesome. The Japanese keyboards are very hard to use, and my accuracy and speed has taken quite a hit as I'm sure you've noticed.
Momma!! Could I also get your pizza dough recipe? ;) We wanna try pizza one p-day.
New address I think is working great! I've been getting letters from recent times, and the package took eight days to get to me, we were SO excited to get the jerky and music! We LOVE the lamb of god cd, it's epic. If you can still try and get the restoration one for us, that'd be great, thanks a ton. :) 

 Thanks for all your love!!! I miss you all. :) I think about you and pray for you all the time! Till next week!

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