Sunday, September 15, 2013

Japan week #6

  I hope you've all had a glorious week!
I hope it's been better than mine! I'm not gonna lie... this week has been pretty rough. So remember how I said I was sick last Sunday? Yeah... I'm still sick. Turns out it was QUITE serious. :P I've had fevers averaging from 102.5-104.7 degrees ALL week. 104.7 was my all time high this week. Pretty bad, right? O.O I thought I was going to die. I've slept for almost this entire week, it's been bad. :P Wednesday we went to the hospital because my fever was lasting so long. 
   We went with the bishop, because we had NO knowledge of any medical words, so he was a lifesaver. We couldn't have done the paperwork either without him. He has really saved us this week. That first hospital trip was useless. They didn't investigate at all, and just gave me ibuprofen basically. >.> That was a useless visit. So we went back Friday, and got some real work done. Got some blood drawn, had an ultrasound done, the works. I've never had an ultrasound done on me before I don't think, so that was weird, and cold. :P They did the blood work immediately and lo and behold, bacterial!! Just like I thought it was. So I was prescribed some fever reducing meds that I drink, that are VILE tasting, ;), and some antibiotics. After the first dose I was feeling so much better. Finally on the mend I think!! 
  I've learned a lot from this though. Immediately I tried to think about what I needed to learn from this. And this week I've turned to the Lord, that's the lesson I think. I have been scared, worried, and unsure of what was going to happen. As I turned to Heavenly Father and Christ though, I received so much comfort and peace. I've been watched over this week by a loving Father, and I've felt your prayers. Thank you all so much! 
  This week wasn't all sick in bed time though! Monday, before we knew how bad I was, we went to the Onsen! And we ARE allowed to get in them, Momma. :) Weird, I'm sure to think since we can't swim, but we can! So we went to the world famous onsens in Noboribetsu about thirty minutes away. I cannot describe to you how amazing it was. There is something about that water that is just magical. Noboribetsu has 19 different onsen I think, a TON, and we went into a good lot of them. It's also like a public bath. So everyone is nude. It's split by gender, so we don't have to worry about that, but it's still just a bit different hanging out with a bunch of nude men in a hot spring. I never thought that'd be so much fun, but it was! :P It was a district activity too, so we went with our boys in Tomakomai, and we had a BLAST! This is the ONLY mission in Japan that allows the missionaries to visit the onsen. Evans Kaicho is really cool like that. He thinks the onsen is a great cultural experience, so he allows us to go. And boy are we grateful. I love you all family!!
   Just a few things:
      I just got your letters from the 14th and 28th of August, 14th got lost on it's way here haha! 
      The honbu just slaps a sticker with our Muroran address on it, that's how they forward the mail. ;) 
Couple requests:
    Could you send me the joseph smith concert cd you guys went to a long while ago? That'd be glorious. The one that has the really cool songs on it, and has the commentary in between songs? Thanks. :)
 And could you also send some Josh Groban music that is spiritually themed, obviously. Like The Prayer, for example. Music like that is fine, and we really want to hear the Prayer, since it's beautiful, and JG kills it!! So anything else from him too that's like that would be great also. :) thank you so much guys!! 
 That's all I have! Thanks so much for everything!! I love you!

       Love, Mike

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