Sunday, October 13, 2013

Japan week #10

    I love you all. :) This week has been a bit different. We left Muroran. O.O BUM BUM BUM!! It was nutz, but I'll get to that. So we were going to go to the light house last week, the famous one where you're supposed to be able to see the curvature of the Earth, well we didn't, because of the stupid rainstorm. It rains quite a bit here in Muroran, and ALWAYS on pday it feels like haha!! :) So we decided to give the storm the one two, and went to the beach instead, to build a SANDCASTLE!! :D Glorious, right? We had a ton of fun getting muddy in the rain in the ocean in the sand on the beach. We built like two cities that got destroyed, and a third that will stand through the millennium!! Can anyone guess that quote? ;) Buahaha! We were planning on going to a different beach today if weather wasn't good, but as of now the light house trip is still in action! We're WAY stoked! 
  So since Elder Harper is our District Leader, over the Muroran missionaries and the Tomakomai missionaries, he has to do splits every transfer. The last time the Tomakomai boys came here to do splits, but I couldn't do any work because I was busy being the sickest I've ever been. But this time we went to Tomakomai to dendo for splits. And that was crazy. I've never dendoed outside of Muroran before, and it was way weird for me at first. Only ever been in one area! The train ride is about 30 minutes east, and then a 30 minute walk to the apartment. Not having bikes out here in the country sucks! We ate at a place called babyface for lunch that first day. And I've never gotten so much food for so cheap before. I spent like 9 bucks, for a MASSIVE plate of Ohm Rice the size of my head. My literal head. It was flipping intense. And that's the SMALL size. O.O I don't dare try anything bigger. I did eat all of it though. ;) Haha!! So that first day I dendoed with Elder Mecham, from Utah. He's a RIOT! He's got so much energy, and his Japanese is amazing. And this is only his 4th transfer. Hopefully I can get as good as fast!! We were laughing the entire day, and we got along VERY well. If we had known each other before the mission we would have been really good friends I think. We also taught english class that night. So I taught TWICE this week!! Crazy desho!! The next day I dendoed with Elder Tokuzawa, my buddy from last transfer. He's so much fun to work with, and he's Japanese so I got to speak it all day long, which is ALWAYS great. We met with a man named Brother Tada when I was in Tomakomai. He lived in Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming for like twenty years, and he's a HUGE hunter. He was way excited when he found out I'm from Idaho and am very good at English. He LOVES ME now, which is crazy. He really wants me to come to Tomakomai now so we can hang out. :P lol! He was a ton of fun, and it's crazy how well I could relate to him. Makes me think we were supposed to visit him. :) 
   But after all was said and done, being back in Muroran was WAY nice. Splits are always nice, but being with your comp in your area always feels so right. 
    So general conference for us was this weekend, and my mind was blown. I've never been so excited for conference before, and I've never gotten so much OUT of conference before. I wrote like 14 pages of notes, and I'm still writing more pages as I study the notes and realize more things and learn more from them. It's really quite incredible. I can't believe I ever didn't like conference before, or didn't try to get more out of it. Boy was I missing out!!
    So that was my week, this week we have a TWO ZONE conference in Sapporo, that's going to be crazy. I get to see some of my buddies from the MTC though since they're in that zone!! So I'M STOKED! And I realized about the packages, they might just be holding them at honbu to give to me at the conference, so we'll see.

Tell Dana I'm way excited for her, and can't wait to hear all the good she does. And if all of Megan's pics are like that one, then they're ALL going to be epic! And I want SO BADLY to scare boys away! Curse my being THOUSANDS of miles away!! Gah! ;) They just haven't met Jake yet I guess, he can handle a bunch of chumps. ;) Have a great week everyone! Know that I love you all and think about you all the time!! LOVE!

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