Monday, October 21, 2013

Japan week #11

Hey everyone!
   I hope everyone is genki and loving life! I know I sure am! We had a crazy cool week this week, and we're WAY beat. We feel like SO MUCH happened this week. I can't believe it all fit into one week. :P Haha! So Monday we were FINALLY able to get to the light house!! And man was it EPIC! You can indeed see the curvature of the Earth: WAY cool. It isn't like outer space round, but you can see it, and it's way cool. :) That was our greatest p day yet. We did a ton of hiking and exploring all along the road to the lighthouse, and we found a secret beach with an old abandoned mini fishing village, tons of hiking trails, and tons to entertain two missionaries. :) 
  The next day we decided to ride all the way to the depths of Muroran, PAST the light house. We ended up biking over 40 miles if you count Monday and Tuesday. And it's all insane up and down mountains. O.O We were SO DEAD by the end of Tuesday. But we wanted to visit a referral, so we went. Unfortunately we couldn't meet with her, so we just ended up doing a ton of housing down there, and we had a rough contact. This one lady opened the door, and after I had introduced Elder Harper and I she just started yelling at us, saying Christians all start wars, and that we just want to kill and exploit people, and just on and on. Elder Harper and I weren't sure what to do, and so we tried to assure her that people do things like that, not Christ, and then we asked her about the kanji in her name, which usually makes Nihonjin happy, because that's a big deal and they love teaching gaijin kanji. But that almost made her more mad. O.O Elder Harper and I decided to just get out of there, and so we did. We were a bit riled up after that though, and so we decided to say a prayer in the nearby park for forgiveness for our feeling the way we did, and to help us have more charity. And after that prayer we just felt a wonderful peace and calmness come over us, and we felt such good feelings towards her, and that was just such an amazing experience for me. I'm so glad that through this gospel we have access to prayer and the spirit to help us change and feel God's love for us, and for this woman. 
    After that, we started making our way home and stopped at a convenience store to get some strawberry milk. ;) So good. And Elder Harper went to the bathroom, and I got contacted by a Jehovah's Witness!! :P She spoke flawless English and was doing much what we do. It was WAY weird, and I had no idea what to do, so I just talked to her, and we talked about Christ and it turned out good. We said good bye and she left, and then Elder Harper walked up to me and asked what just happened. And I told him, I have no idea. :P Wasn't expecting that to happen!! 
   So we had Zone Conference on Friday, and we traveled there Thursday, and we also had our apartment inspected that Friday also. We had a COMBINED Zone Conference though, and so we had two zones there, which enabled me to see two more of my mtc district!! :D Elder Shoell, whom I LOVE, and Sister Wagner. So that was amazing. We left late Thursday night to catch a train to Sapporo, and we stayed in the Moiwa apartment, which is Elder Shoell's place! So we got to hang out all night, with Elder Brandolino as well. :D And all my other buddies from the Hakodate Zone, (my zone!). The next day we had a great conference, and President Evans taught us. We talked about comp relations, the spirit, and a ton of other great stuff, and I feel like I learned a ton. It was a blast. And the relief society of the Moiwa ward made 43 missionaries lunch, and it was DANG good, so that was epic of them. :) After conference we went to have dinner with Elder Hee and Elder Brandolino before catching our train home. We went to a buffet in the train station called Dragonbowl, and it was amazing. But we lost track of time, and missed our train. :P The next train wasn't for an HOUR, so that would've gotten us home at 11 at night. We called Elder Galeria,  one of our ap's, and he told us to stay the night in the Atsubetsu apartment with the elders there and catch the morning train. And guess what'ts awesome about that, Elder Goddard, one of my mtc buddies, is in Astubetsu!! :D So I got to hang out with him all night and morning, SUPER fun. All my buds are doing great, and I wish I could see them more! But such is life. :) We got home that Saturday morning and had an EPIC day of work. We met with our potential investigators, the Ito Kazoku, and we finally made them new investigators!! :D We had met them a long time ago, and were in the 'friendzone' so to speak. We had no idea how to introduce our purpose and desire to share the gospel with them in a way that would keep that relationship alive. We didn't want to be too blunt about it, and we went in with no real idea of what to do. We knocked on the door, and they answered, and told us that Ito Dad's parents were over spending time with them. We were bummed, and assumed they'd send us away. But they asked us in! :D :D That's a HUGE DEAL. In Japanese culture, if you have guests you don't even talk to people at the door, you send them away immediately, let alone inviting them in!! So that was SUCH a miracle. So we got to see Ito Grandpa and Ito Grandma and Ito Grandma gave us the PERFECT way to introduce exactly what we wanted to introduce! :D She asked us why we're in Japan, and then about some of our beliefs! :D Was PERFECT! And so we talked about the gospel for a bit with them all, and then the grandparents had to leave, which left us to talk to our friends the Ito's for awhile longer. We talked about eternal families, and eternal happiness, missionary work, and learned a ton about them. They loved our talk and want to hear more! :D So we're WAY excited to start teaching them more formally! And what's way cool, was that Ito Dad was planning on going to work that day, but for some random reason out of nowhere he felt that he shouldn't go to work today, and should stay home. And so that enabled him to meet with us and have a sweet conversation!! :D MIRACLES UP THE WAZOO!! Love it! :D They have an 18 year old son and a two year old daughter that they want the best for, and they're way impressed with how young and yet mature we are, and want their children to have what we have. So we're way flipping excited. :) 
    After the Ito's visit, we decided to go knock on some doors before heading home, and I really scared an old woman in her 60's when she answered the door. :P She opened the door, saw a big scary white man standing there, shrieked, hid behind the door, and then was laughing and WAY embarrassed when she came back out. LOL!! Sometimes being a big white man is just so much fun here. :P She was way cool about it, and we had a fun time talking to her. She has no interest in hearing our message, but it was still way fun :) So yeah, that was my week! We had a great week, and I can't wait for all the good to come. :) 
    I can't believe I've already been here for basically two transfers. This transfer ends on the 29th, and then I more then likely will bid Elder Harper farewell. :( I'm REALLY not looking forward to that. He's become one of my best friends! And I want to keep working with him!! But oh well, such is life, right? And who knows? Maybe we'll stay. ;) 
  I love you all everyone!! Thanks for all you do!
      By the way! Got the package with tons of music, LOVE IT ALL!! Thank you! :D
     Love, Elder Dialogue

 P.S DAD!!! I FOUND THE SHUWA SHUWA COLA cheeto-esqu chip things!! I bought you a bag, I'll send them to you this week. :) I like em!! They're way weird! Enjoy!

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