Sunday, October 6, 2013

Japan week #9

       I hope everyone is doing fine and dandy. :) Sorry to be emailing so early. :P Elder Harper and I got up at 5:00 am today because we're heading to the lighthouse today. It's supposed to be WAY cool, on the edge of a massive sea cliff, and you supposedly can see the curvature of the Earth from the top of it, so we're way excited, Elder Harper has never been to it. So we're up early so that we can have plenty of time to hang out there. I'm very excited, I'll take plenty of pictures. :) 
      So I totally forgot to mention that last week on Sunday, we sang in sacrament. The ward as a whole loves my voice, and they compliment me on it ALL the time, and so we got asked to sing. And so we did. We performed Because I Have Been Given Much. Elder Harper played the first verse with his clarinet, and then I came in on the second verse, and we killed it. Went so good. :) 
    Quick question: For the pizza dough recipes you sent us, how long should we cook them once they're all wonderfully assembled? Thanks!!
    So we've had a fun week, a very productive week too! I LOVE being healthy again, it's the greatest. This week we made a ton of appointments, like, 7. :P That's HUGE for us here in the Sapporo mission! ;) We went on splits with the zone leaders on Wednesday, and since I went with Elder Knighton last transfer, I went with Elder Kudo this time. Who is a Nihonjin. Who doesn't speak English. So all day I was using the Japanese, didn't speak a lick of English all day. And it ROCKED! Kudo Choro was way impressed with how much I could actually say. For me right now the listening comprehension is the hardest part. My pronunciation, and flow when I speak is really natural says a TON of people in the ward, and Japanese missionaries. So that's cool. :) But we had a crazy day of splits. It was WAY fun, you guys don't even know! We just had a ton of fun dendoing. We always have a ton of fun, but it was just extra fun being with a nihonjin companion, made things interesting. We made THREE appointments that one day, :D one from a guy we streeted, got his phone number, and one from a person we found housing, and one we also found housing, who is actually a former investigator. So that's way awesome. :) The guy we found streeting we taught a 30 minute what we call totsuzen lesson. That just means sudden, or unexpected. We taught about God, his nature and our relationship to him, and prayer. And he really liked it. We asked him if we could pray together and he said yes, (which is a big deal!) And he told us he felt really good after the prayer. We were flipping excited. :D Got all his contact info and we have an appointment to meet again next week to talk more about our message. Kudo Choro said that he thinks this Watanabe San, is a kinjin. A 'gold person'. Just means someone who is prepared and ready to except the gospel easily. So we're looking forward to teaching him more, and becoming his friends. :) That I guess was my biggest miracle this week. Other than that the rest of our week was pretty normal. We just did some standard dendo, visited some cool places we haven't been out to work in before, and it was great.
   On Saturday we were pinging a house, no one was home, and there was a Japanese dog chained up front that was freaking out at us. The Japanese dogs are WAY cute.They're like foxes and dogs fused together. WAY cute. But he was freaking out so we decided to just stare at him to see what he did. Over the course of ten minutes he stopped barking, sat down, laid down, and then started looking way bored. :P Lol!!! We were cracking up! We then started joking that he'd become our dog investigator and that he'd be way kinjin. Only missionaries man, would think that's funny, and we caught a kick out of it. :) We named him Kurotaro. 
   We also found a stash of hot chocolate in our apartment this week, and we've been making special drink. if you remember from Community, Abed's friend Pablo makes a cold hot chocolate, calls it special drink. We've been having cold hot chocolate, and it's actually WAY good. :P So I learned some funky stuff about Japan this week also. So you know how thirteen is a 'bad' number in America? Some hotels even don't have a thirteenth floor? Well four is that number here. Apartments and buildings don't have fourth floors or fourth rooms, and if one does, it's usually uninhabited because of the four. :P Elder Kudo told me I'd likely NEVER see a four in that capacity. Way crazy! And they also make this thing here called Kuroke Pan. It's basically mashed potatoes that have been breaded and deep fried, and it's DELICIOUS. Oh my goodness, it's wonderful. Also! A pizza here, from like Pizza Hut, is like $30!!! HOLY COW!!! O.O Making it homemade is the ONLY way I'm gonna get pizza for two years! 
     So anyways, that was my week. :) We also made epic sandwiches on last week's pday, but I sent videos of all that home. :) Love you all and hope you continue to do well!
          Dialogue 長老
 P.S MOM!! DON'T HURT YOUR FOOT!!! IT'S NOT GOOD!! TRUUUUUUST ME!!!! Take it easy, and when you start to want to use it again in a working out crazy capacity, don't jump right into it, eeeeeaaaaaase into it, ok? Don't have to go to the doctor for it! Ne? 

P.P.S OH! By the way, a funny thing about me. :P The Japanese people have a grunt. They grunt or like make weird noises to show they understand, or are following a conversation. I'll make a video showing what I mean. :P BUT! I've picked it up! I'm grunting and making weird noises now!! :P Just thought you'd like to know. ;) LOVE YOU!

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