Thursday, May 15, 2014

Japan week #40

Hey!! :) This has been a wonderful week! 
     First off, getting to talk to everyone was SUCH a blast! I wish we could talk longer, and maybe skype, but ya know, rules are rules. We are blessed for obedience, even if we don't necessarily understand. BUUUUUT, there's always hope for year two! ;) Perhaps Nakatsuka Kaicho when he brings the technology will allow that. But, who knows. :P 
  So this week we had a couple of really fun experiences. We went to visit one of our inactive members, Sato Hisako shimai, and when we got there she came to the door and was kinda freaking out a bit, and was all ruffled up, and told us to walk around to other side of the house and come see what happened. So we walk around, and we saw that her pump for her fish tank had decided to blow up and was showering water everywhere. She has this HUGE pump that's WAY fancy, and when she was cleaning it she broke a piece of it, and it was gushing water everywhere. So we helped her get it under control and cleaned up, and it was way fun. :) We arrived at  just the right time to help her clean and what not, was way fun. :) 
  We also had an adventure. Kinda reminded me of being in Muroran again. We were housing one day, and then decided that we wanted to head out and go house all the farmers, and see what the heck was out there. So we biked west away from the big neighborhoods, and we found a ton of BEAUTIFUL areas and fields, and some of the coolest farms, and got to talk to some really cool people. :) I haven't had an adventure since my transfer with Elder Lee, so that was a BLAST! 
   And aside from that, our week was normal. This transfer is going by fast, as expected. Sometimes days are long, but weeks and months and transfers are FASTER than you could ever imagine. By the end of this transfer I'll be a year into this thing... O.O Imma cry so hard. 
     Thanks so much for all you guys do. :) It was so great to talk to all of you, and I can't wait to hear from you all again!
 Love, Mike

    P.S. OH! By the way, for pday today...we're going to an onsen. WITH A POOL OF WINE! O.O It's supposed to be good for your skin. ;) I'll report next week. ;) LOVE YOU! 

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