Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Japan week #41

Hey everyone! 
  I'm glad that you liked all the pictures and what not. I've been taking a crap ton MORE since I started my new sd card, so by all means, be excited. ;) I have a couple questions though first. Oh, before that, it's spelled Wakkanai, the place way up north. SO! How is Dad going to drive in Japan? Doesn't he need a license or something? And won't the being on the other side of the road be flipping weird? 
   So this week has been a blast. :) Nothing really crazy happened. It's just been a solid week of realizing the Lord's hand in my life. I've received a lot of strength, comfort, and happiness this week, and it's been very encouraging and uplifting. Mostly this week has been a lot of thinking.
     WIth this transfer reaching it's end, I've been thinking a lot about my time here. And I've changed a TON! I've become a much more confident missionary, and I've really grown to love this area and the people in it. Compared to Muroran, Otofuke is really a boring place on the outside. But I really am going to miss this area! I've got the whole thing memorized by this point, and I love it. Although I am excited to leave and have a new batch of adventures! :) 
  So, I do actually have a really sad thing to write. So, Elder Lee went trainer at the same time I did, in Muroran. And he was having a great time with his bean, and they've seen lots of miracles. But I just got an email today from Elder Lee that his comp has to go home for a little while. I have no idea why, it could be a whole host of reasons, and those really aren't super important, I'm just CRUSHED for Elder Lee, and I know how much you guys love him, so if you could, please include him in your prayers. He needs them right now. Thank you! 
  Aside from that, don't really have anything to write about! OH! We had black people from Mozambique at church yesterday!! :D It's my second time seeing black people in Japan! It was amazing! BUT the catch was, they ONLY speak Portugese... >.> So I can't even talk to the flipping COOL PEOPLE. Gosh dang it. One could do a VERY SMALL amount of english, so we communicated as much as possible. One of the RMs in the ward can speak portugese, and our DL here is brazilian, so they translated the whole time. :) 
  Thanks for all your prayers and support! LOVE YOU ALL!

    Love, Mike

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