Sunday, July 13, 2014

Japan week #49

Hey everyone! So this week was way great!
   We have found some really good people that we're starting to work with. In particular the sisters in our ward passed us an investigator named O San. He has a baptismal date this august second, and he's flipping amazing. We've kinda been teaching him with the sisters, but they weren't ever going to pass all of the teaching responsibliity and what not to us, but this past sunday one of the sisters woke up at like three in the morning with the distinct impression to pass him to us, and that from here on out we need to take over. So that's crazy. O.O I was kinda like, he's your investigator, and it's going all great so, if it aint broke dont fix it, right? But they really feel like having us take over is what needs to happen so... that is exciting! It's a good thing we've been helping teach him up to now, because we have a relationship with him and what not, so it should be a smooth transistion. 
  So transfers happened this week, and I was actually VERY surprised about what happened. I thought for sure my comp would be getting the boot, but we're going to be together for one more together in the same area. So that's not reallly too exciting or crazy. The twist though is that now I'm a district leader! For the first time ever! O.O I have been pretty nervous because I deon't feel like I have anything to teach  or help any other missionaries with because I don't feel like that great of a missionary'll be exciting. It's going to be one heck of a ride from here on out! 
  We also this week got to go to a "cherry hunt" with a ward here. You basically just go to a big flipping cherry farm, and just spend hours eating cherries, and spitting out the pits as far as you can, and just have a good time. :) It's great! Flipping love it!
  I don't have too much more to write about but, it's been a good week, and I love this work a ton!
    Thanks for all your support and love everyone! Love you!! :D 

     Love, Mike

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