Sunday, July 27, 2014

Japan week #51

Hey everyone!! :D
   This has been a stellar week for us, a flipping busy one, but a stellar one. We've been working hard, and we've been being blessed for our labors. We have a few really good investigators now that are making some good progress, and specifically one O San, is on course for baptism on the 9th of August!! :D :D If he makes it, that'll be number one for me! :) I am so flipping happy to know that I'm helping someone make progress and come closer to Christ. However, he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday, but after visiting with him and feeling the spirit, and praying about where he's at, I felt that he needs another week, so I put his date back a week, but he still really wants to get baptized, and he's progressing very well. :) 
   I really don't have any superbly cool experiences to share this week, it's just been a busy one with lots of teaching and good experiences, which has been very different from the rest of my mission. ;) It's been amazing. I pray everyday for opportunities to bear my testimony, and this week has been such an answer to my prayers. :) 
   So needless to say, I'm very excited for the next week coming up. :) Thanks for all your letters, thoughts, and prayers. :) 
  have a great week!
   Love, Mike
     P.S. So for my package momma, if you could send me some american candy and stuff, I don't know, just anything, would make me way happy. :P I ate some flipping gummy bears the other day, and forgot how much I missed it. :P And maybe if you could swing it...some otterpops? :P If that's hard, don't worry about it, but That'd be sick too. Cuz I've been crazy craving popsicles. :P Love you! 

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