Sunday, August 3, 2014

Japan week #52

Hey everyone!! :) 
This week has been an epic one! Elder B and I have been working hard, and this week we saw our fair share of miracles. :) Most notably we made another baptismal date this week with a man called M san. He's from Nagayo, moved to Sapporo about a month ago. He owns his own sushi restaurant, and he's WAY cool! His family is supposed to come to Sapporo in September, and they all were taking the lessons back in Nagayo together. So that is SICK! And so we taught our first lesson to him this week, and we made a fast  baptismal date because he has been taught basically everything, and he remembers it all, and he really wants to be baptized. And since he's been to church a number of times now, and so he can really make it I think! :D The only thing I'm worried about there is that he might have a problem with the law of tithing. We were talking to him, and I felt like he might have an issue with that so... : / But things are looking good there!
   The catch with him though, is that he is deaf. ;) HAHA!! So I've been learning sign language, and it's epic! :) I love it.
     And O San is also doing really well! He's on his way to baptism this week, and we're very very excited. :) 
 Sorry this is short, but I've gotta hop off. Got stuffs to do today! LOVE YOU ALL!

 Love, Mike 

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