Sunday, December 7, 2014

Japan week #70

Hey everyone!!
       This has been a good week!
         Honestly though, nothing has happened! :P We have been busy with our ZL stuff, meetings and travelling and what not, and because of that we have had NO time to work this week. We had a particularly stressful meeting on Wednesday with all the other zl's and pres. Lots to think about and plan for. We also have been planning for our zone's Christmas party in a few weeks, and it's going to be a blast, but I might not even be there for it! Dang transfers! 
    I've loved this area, and I don't know what's gonna come with transfers, but I'll be happy with whatever. I really wanna get out of the city to be honest! Wanna get back to the countryside way bad! I feel so cramped in the city! 
    We also got a bunch more snow yesterday! Snowed probably a good 10 inches or so during the night...and it was THUNDERING the whole that even possible?? I have no idea. Was the flipping WEIRDEST thing. But yeah, that's basically it. Looking forward to the rest of this transfer! Because of Christmas the transfer is one day faster. So I will be getting my call on Monday. So I might be able to tell you via email before you find out on fb! ;) Haha!!
   Love you all!

 love, Mike 

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