Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Japan week #71

Hey everyone!
   This has been quite the crazy week with transfers, crazy weather, and pre Christmas stuff!! 
 Transfers were supposed to be a day early this week, but we had a CRAZY storm that blew through, and things changed hard core. The storm actually shut down ALL of Hokkaido for a day, and we all got calls from the aps telling us to stay in our apartments instead of going to the transfer spot to transfer. So, we had four elders from out in the boonies in our apartment, for a total of six of us, and we were stuck in our small apartment ALL day with NOTHING to do. :P IT got crazy. Six elders, small space...equals cabin fever!! But it was a blast. Way crazy though that that actually happened. There were some people that died in the storm. So it was actually pretty crazy, pretty real. 
   And then we finally got to transfer the next day, got all our new comps, and Elder Strachan and I started the greatest transfer ever! :D We've been having LOADs of fun, and we've been working SUPER hard! It's so dang cool to see how far we've come since we were in the mtc. It's been quite the special experience. :D 
    We also had our ward Christmas party this week, which was a blast. The ward surprised us with presents! And like, a TON of them. Two santa sacks that were flipping HEAVY. It was beautiful! The ward loves Elder Strachan, and they're all very excited to see what the two of us can do here in Shiroishi! 
   I'm looking forward to Christmas, and I can't believe I'm already on Christmas number two in Japan. Blows my mind how fast the time is, and makes me wanna work even harder. And it's really cool that Elder Strachan is in the same situation as me, so we're CRAZY united, and wanna just KILL it. :) It's been amazing! 
  Looking forward to hearing all of your beautiful voices!! :)  

 Love, Mike 

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