Saturday, January 10, 2015

Japan week #72

Hey Everyone!1
  This has been a fun week! Well, ten days. ;) Haven't emailed since two pdays ago because of Christmas and the new year and what not, so our schedules got changed! It'll all be back to normal next week though! 
  We had so much fun with Christmas, and with new years, and with our parties and what not. Elder Strachan and I really had a great time. Christmas Eve was a huge party that the four ZL's in Sapporo were in charge of, and it was DANG fun! :) We had all the missionaries in the Sapporo area, and the president and wife and son, and the senior missionary couple and their son come, and we had a ton of fun. Games, spiritual stuff too, great food, music, had a great time. And then Christmas was normal. Got to hang out with our district for awhile, and then we got to relax for a part of the day, and then we worked. My birthday was also a regular day of work as well, and we were on splits for it. And so that night we were spending the night in the other elder's apartment, and they all surprised me for my birthday! They all got me gifts, sang to me, and it was  BLAST! :) Had a little party afterwards, and it made my day! I was actually way surprised, and had a great time. :) And then we've had some lazy days in the apartment cleaning, reading the book of mormon all day, and what not because it's impossible to work out here during new years time. So we've been chilling, having fun, and making good with the time that we do have. 
 And that's really all we've been up to. I'm looking forward to the schedule getting back to normal, and getting back on the streets!
 Love ya all! 


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