Sunday, March 29, 2015

Japan week #85

I don't have much to write about this week, seeing as how it's only been like, 4 days but, it's been an INCREDIBLY AWESOME four days. :D Elder Skinner and I are getting along like non other, we're working till we drop dead every day, and the miracles are already coming. In this first week we put out better numbers than Elder Skinner and his previous comp's max from last transfer, so Elder Skinner is on a high. We are just rocking it up out here, and we're seeing the blessings coming from working with this kind of energy. :)
   We did meet one particularly cool lady who is a SUPER strong potential investigator. We are going back to see her again this week, so we're super excited. We were trying to find some former investigators around where she lived, but I messed up the addresses, and we were in the completely wrong area, but we had no idea. But it led us to find her! We were walking, and she was just standing outside of her house, in the cold, with just a long sleeved shirt on, watching the forest. And we ask her where we're at, and it turns into an hour long lesson. :) She told us about how when she looks at the trees, and hears the birds, and ponders nature, that she feels like there has to be a God, and that this all wasn't an accident. But though she feels like she knows that God exists, she doesn't know what he wants her to do, and she doesn't know what she should do to be closer to him, so we bore hard testimony, and gave her a Book of Mormon. Elder Skinner and I were walking away, and I said to him, 'that's the single greatest mistake I've ever made.' And we both laughed, swung our arms around each other, and walked away, two super happy missionaries. :) That's been this week. The Spirit, sweet experiences, and flipping JOY, working the vineyard of the Lord. I love it, and I love you! :D
 Love, Mike

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