Monday, March 3, 2014

Japan week #30

Hey everyone!! 
 This week has been a blast, and a bit sad. :(  We had our last performance of the music night last Saturday, and that was a crazy great success. :)  Everyone performed really well, and we all had a BLAST. Plus getting to see all the missionaries is ALWAYS fun. :) I've really gotten quite close to a LOT of missionaries here, it really is something special. I believe they'll be making a CD again of the performance like they have every other one, so if I get one I'll send it to you so you can here all of our gorgeous music!! :) 
   But music night was also a tad sad. It's Sister Evans last one, since their mission is over in June, and I've had to say good bye to a lot of missionaries that are going home this transfer! It's crazy here how you know people for so little time, and then all of a sudden you can't imagine not having them around, and you feel like you've known them forever. This work is incredibly unifiying. It's such a miracle everytime I think about it. 
  So aside from that this week wasn't super eventful. We didn't really have much happen, and we didn't really meet with anyone this week. It was kind of a slow one, but that's ok.
    Transfers are this week, we'll be getting calls tomorrow with all the info. Since Elder Kozuma has been here for four now, and with me for two, it's basically guaranteed that he's leaving. We obviously still don't know, but that's what President does. Four in an area, you get transferred. Two with a comp, someone gets transferred. Keeps it all mixed up nicely. So we'll see what happens. Odds are that this transfer or next I got senior comp and take the reigns! Yikes! Can't believe that time is coming! We have a LOT of new missionaries coming in the next two transfers, and a lot of old ones leaving the next two, so more leader missionaries are needed. Kind of exciting. :) I'm not really worried about it though, I feel ready to take the reigns and work. 
  Glad to hear everyone is doing great! Love you all! 

     Love, Mike

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