Sunday, March 30, 2014

Japan week #34

This week has been both a fantastic week, and then yesterday it became one of the more tragic weeks of my mission. To start though! We had a TON of fun this week. We had ZTM, which was a blast! And since we had beans in our zone this time, we did the traditional 'bean shower'. It's basically everyone goes up and gives them a TON of random junk from Japan to welcome them to the mission. Food, dollar store stuff, funny stuff, it's great. :) And so that was a blast! I always love getting to hang out with the zone. It's a blast getting to learn and practice with each other, and get to spend some time with the whole crew. It's ALWAYS a blast, I love it!
  This week our investigator Riku Kun went to the big youth conference in Hokkaido. We were hoping that it would be a really good experience for him, and that he'd feel the spirit, and he had a GREAT time! :D I think it was a really good influence on him to see all these other kids with testimonies, and getting to interact with them I think really helped him a lot. We had a lesson with him yesterday, and I think he really has changed just from that conference. I think he has a lot more hope and faith, and willingness to believe. It was way special. :)
   I also was able to go on splits with my zone leader Elder Fukushima this week. It was weird working with a nihonjin again, no english! But that's no problem. ;) We had a blast! And saw a cool miracle. We were doing some streeting, and we found a young man in his twenties. We were talking to him, and then just invited him to church on the spot, and he said he wanted to come. So we were like, sweet, here's the details, and by the way, wanna go tour the church right now? We can show you it! And so we had a sweet church tour, and then he ACTUALLY came to church!! :D The whole 3 hours!! SOOOO COOOL! Too bad he lives in Obihiro, so we can't make him an investigator out here in Otofuke... ;) Oh well! And we just had a grand time. Spending the night in Obihiro was way fun as well. Stayed up late around our incense 'camp fire' telling ghost stories. Too much fun!
   And now for the more painful part of this week. So, you guys are familiar with Sato San, my long time investigator here. Well...she decided she no longer wants to meet with us anymore. She said that since she can't come to church, and she can't be baptized even though she really wants to, it causes her a lot of pain. And asked if we would stop coming by because she feels bad about not being able to do all of what we're teaching her...I have really grown to love her so much, and I was crushed last night in a way that I didn't think was possible. You come to love these people so much, and when they decide they're done, it kills you. I couldn't keep myself together after getting that phone call last night. I just don't know if there was something more I could have done, or where I messed up, and why didn't the Lord provide a way for her to get over her issues...It's been incredibly hard for me. And it happened last night, so I'm still struggling...but it'll be ok. I don't understand, but I know the Lord does. So yeah, that's by far my new hardest experience yet.
 Anyways!! love you all! Training is a blast! Have a great time at conference! I'm uber jealous!

       Love, Mike

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