Monday, March 17, 2014

Japan week #32

Hey everyone!! Week one with Bean Chan is over!!  Crazy I think! Time is relentlessly NOT SLOWING DOWN. I basically hate it more than anything at the moment. Should I repent? ;) Glad to hear everyone is doing very well at home! Sick, but not dying, so I'm fine with that. None of you guys can top my sickness though, so that makes me happy, because I would never wish ANYONE would be that sick! This week has been an absolute blast! It's been way crazy with a brand new missionary. There are so many things now that I do without realizing, because I've been living this missionary lifestyle for awhile now, that I need to now think about again so that I can make sure Elder Horne knows how to do this. It's been such a sweet opportunity to see what I can do well, and where I can improve. It's been really special. I'm just trying really hard to be the best example I can be. Being super obedient, working super hard, and trying to really show him that being a missionary is basically the greatest thing. If he takes nothing away from these two transfers but that, I'll know I'll have helped him out just a bit. Missionary skills are way important, but to me I think being able to love each and everyday is just as, if not more important. It's been great so far. He REALLY wants to learn everything. Japanese, the missionary life, skills, everything, which is such a great attitude to have. He's just a tad picky though, which will kill him here in Japan. ;) Gotta help him get over that! Haha!! But it really has been a blast. These next two transfers are going to go by way fast.
  This week we were also able to see some sweet things. We had lessons with both Sato San and Riku Kun, and both were pretty good. Sato San continues to blow my mind away. We see her, and she just bears sweet testimony to us, she just needs to come to church! But I totally think I received revelation on how to help her there, so I'm WAY stoked to see her again. And Riku Kun is such a stud. He's come to church 9 weeks in a row now, it's incredible, and he wants to know if this is true very badly. His baptismal date is this month on the 29th. So I'm praying VERY hard that he gets that answer, and can be baptized. I want VERY badly to see God's children accept the gospel!
  We also had some funny experiences this week. We met a lady who was SHOCKED when we didn't know that the Second Coming, had already happened. :P HAHA!! She then spent the next 20 minutes telling us all about how since Christ was killed, he couldn't fulfill his messiah duty, and so a new messiah had to be called, and how that messiah is in Korea right now. Elder Horne didn't follow any of it in Japanese, but once we said goodbye to this very nice lady, and I explained what just happened to him, he and I spent the next few minutes rolling in the snow dying. :) We also had a man STRAIGHT UP RUN from us. It was epic! I stop him to contact him, and as soon as I say that we're missionaries, he BOOKS IT at a full on sprint for the next 100 yards or so, it was SOOOO funny! I didn't think I was thaaaaaaat scary!
    Plus, we had one of the absolute WEIRDEST miracles of my mission so far. So we're walking down the street to head to a neighborhood to do some housing, and this lady driving a car flies past us, and then stops way suddenly in the middle of the road. She rolls down the window, yells at us to stop, and gets out of her car, in the middle of the road still! She yells that she's going to give us fruit, and I yell, why?? Then she answers, they're bananas, and they're from God! Enjoy! And then drives away. Elder Horne's like, was that a member? And I say, Elder, I've never seen that woman in my life. HAHA!! I was craving a banana though, so bam! God really does exist. :) Way fun week!
    Love you all, can't wait to hear from you soon! LOVE YOU!
      Love, Mike
 P.S. So, I have two things I want to ask for next time you send me a package. Gatorade, or powerade, :P And glasses that don't change dark in the sun. It isn't against the rules for my glasses to be like this, but it's just a bad thing here culturally, and I look way scary all bundled up... So if you could maybe get me the same frames I have now, and the same prescription, just not transitions, that'd be epic! But don't worry too much about it, it really isn't too big a deal. If you can, that'd be awesome, if not, no biggie. I'll adapt. Thank you!!

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