Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Japan week # 33

Hey everyone!! :) Thanks for all the emails and what not, I always love it! :)
  This week has been a blast! Elder Horne and I get along great, and we're LOVING working together. This is a third week together, ALREADY! I HATE time. Despise how fast it is... We had a lot of fun, and saw lots of good things this week. Most notably, we acquired a couch, further evidence that God does indeed exist, more details later.
   So this week we didn't have much opportunity to meet with our investigators. :( Sato San has been crazy busy, so we haven't been able to see her, and Riku Kun is busy with school, so that's been rough. Both are very close to baptism though. Sato San just needs to come to church, and then commit to do it. Riku Kun gave us the 'why does bad stuff happen to good people?' question today, so we have to help him answer that question. He really wants this to all be true, but he says when he thinks about questions like that, it makes him doubt whether God even exists or not, so once he can figure that out for himself, he'll know that this is true. Of that I have no doubt. :)  So we're working with them there. So I mentioned before that I may have received revelation on helping Sato San. :P She doesn't come to church because she helps her Mom on Sundays, and so I was thinking about what we could do to help her have the courage to find a way to come to church, and I had two things come into my head. One, that she needs to know that she isn't choosing church over family, when she chooses church she IS choosing family, and that she needs to REALLY understand the importance of baptism, and I really felt that when she understands those two things, she'll find a way to come to church. So we have an appointment with her on the 28th this week, so we're excited to go talk to her about those two things! So that's exciting!!
  But this week we had a TON of success finding. We found about 4-5 people that have some really good potential, and they're all SO NICE, so that's definitely a great sign. :) So we have return appointments for them all next week, and we're very excited to go meet them.
  Being with Elder  Horne is such a blast. I love getting to see miracles with him, because it helps him see how marvelous this work is, and how great being a part of it is. And that's one thing I really want him to take away from our two transfers together, how flipping AMAZING being a missionary is. If I can get him to understand that, I'll have succeeded I think!
  So, epic story of the week. We got a couch.
      We were out doing some finding yesterday, and we stumbled upon a bright red leather couch that some had set to be thrown out. We both look at it, look at each other, and immediately begin an inspection of this couch. The Otofuke apartment has no couch, so we DESPERATELY wanted a couch. Turns out this work of art is in DANG good condition, and so we tried the most important test. We sat on it. And we were filled with indescribable joy. ;) So we decided to pack it home with us. We ended up hiking about 2.5 miles home with this couch on our backs, getting the GREATEST FACES from the Japanese people that I've ever seen! OH MAN, we had way to much fun carrying it home. And it fits in our apartment beautifully. Miracles, people. They're out there!
   Love you all so much, looking forward to hearing from you all!!
      Love, Mike

 P.S. Powder for gatorade is way fine! Thanks on the work for the glasses! And other requests?... As of right now, I have no idea. Beef Jerky would be nice. Other Elder's have gotten it just fine as of late, so maybe it's ok again? I dunno...OH!!! The bricks of cheese like you had at Christmas time! PLEASE!! I'm begging you! It was wonderful! :) Thanks for all you do!!!! LOVE YOU!

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