Saturday, April 19, 2014

Japan week #36

Hey everyone!!
     This week was a blast! :) Elder Horne and I are having a TON of fun. It's hard to believe that it's already been a transfer since I've gotten him!! This has been SOOO FAAST. Like, Elder Lee and mine transfer fast. It's been NUTS. We've had some cool miracles, and some heartcrushing disappointments. It's so true that missions are just experiences, and lots of ups and downs. ;) But it's the best!
   Having conference this week killed a lot of our dendo time, so we weren't able to visit some of our investigators, but we were still able to do some good finding, and made some solid appointments for next week, so that's really exciting! :D
  Riku Kun is coming along. He's not as close to baptism as I once thought, but he's coming along. He thinks too much, and doesn't feel enough I think. He came to general conference though, the Sunday sessions, so that was epic! Said he really enjoyed it, which is awesome! :D
  This week Elder Horne and I decided to try what we call, Sanpo Dendo. Walking dendo, like, taking a walk dendo. It's WAY normal here for people to go out on walks in the mornings, and just enjoy the mornings. So we threw on some regular clothes and went 'for a walk'. ;) There's SO MANY PEOPLE out, and japanese people are all morning people, so they're all way happy and chill to talk. Turns out that it was pretty dang effective. Got to talk to all sorts of people, so we're thinking about making it a regular thing. :)
  So this week is transfers. If all goes according to plan, I'll stay and finish training Elder Horne. But, you never REALLY know, right? :P Six months in Otofuke....crazy to think about it like that! Seems like I just got here with Elder Kozuma just last week!
  Aside from that, this week was very normal. Like nothing crazy happened. :P Nothing really to write about! :P I'll get ya some more epic stories for next week. Love you all so much! Thanks for all you do!! :D

 Love, Mike

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