Monday, April 7, 2014

Japan week #35

This week was a blast. :) Nothing really super crazy happened, but it was just a solid week. It was a nice week to recover from Sato San. :P So, I am VERY short on time, kinda forgot about that this week, so this will have to be short, gomenne!! The big news this week is Riku Kun. He is bascially a stud, and REALLY wants to know if this is true, and we had a GREAT lesson with him yesterday. We had the other elders team up with us, and it was basically four missionaries bearing hard core testimony to him, and we taught the Spirit. And he probably for the first time, recognized that he was feeling the spirit. So that was AMAZING! :) Now we're very excited for what happens when he reads and prays because he kind of knows how he feels it now. So we're INCREDIBLY excited to see some good things from him coming soon. :) He's still got some work, but we're optimistic. :) We also met a TON of nice people this week, and a new investigator of ours that we've met twice surprise fed us dinner when we went to go visit them yesterday, so that was EPIC! Elder Horne and I are finding so many very nice people, and we're very excited to see if we can't get any of them progressing. :) Loving the work, and I'm loving every second of my being here. :) 

      Love you all, can't wait to hear from ya!
 Love, Mike

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