Sunday, October 26, 2014

Japan week #64

Hey Everyone!
    This has been another busy week with zone activities, splits, and more splits, and lots of hard work! 
     Our zone activity was a rousing success! Everyone came, and we all had a blast. :D And this week we had two more splits, one with a DL in our zone, and the other with the aps! Both were way fun, but I didn't get to work with elder Lee on splits! I went with his comp. :( Can you belive we were comps a year ago?? I can't! He's also officially ending being ap this transfer, he told me! SO that's crazy...Time to start guessing who's going next! Haha!! He's been ap for four transfers, put in a lot of good hard work! 
   This week we really focused on getting our zone's numbers up. We have some low numbers, lessons, contacts, and what not in my zone, and so we've been thinking a lot aobut what we can do to get those up. And so we had all the dl's give a special workshop in their respective dtms about numbers, and this week, we saw the fruits of it! All of our districts numbers had improved, and our district in particular skyrocketed! Everyone worked way hard, saw lots of mircales, and it was amazing! :) I just hope now that they all saw that, everyone keeps it up and keeps working their butts off! I love missionaires that work till they drop! :) 
  So this week, we weren't able to meet Internet. She got sick, and told us to come by again next week. So we're going to see her tonight, so more details on her progression next week! :P HAHA!!
 Thanks for all your love! love you all! 
 Love, Mike

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