Monday, October 13, 2014

Japan week #61

Hello everyone!
   This has been quite the crazy week. We had transfers, and lo and behold, I have been transferred! I've moved from the west half of Sapporo....Ready? To the EAST half of Sapporo!! O.O Minds be blown! ;) HAHA! But the crazy thing is though, is that I've been made Zone leader, and my comp was with me in the mtc, and we're both brand new zl's, and we have no idea what to do! ;) Haha! We do know what to do, and our DL was ZL last transfer, so we'll be ok! :) It's way fun though since my comp, although he is japanese, was with me in the mtc. So we already know each other pretty well, and we've been having a ton of fun so far! 
   My new area is called Shiroishi, and it's the opposite of Shinkototni. My last area had no elders, because of some problems a long time ago, and now in Shiroishi, there are no sisters, because of some problems a long time ago. :P Funny, right? Sad, but funny! :P Haha! It's going to be a crazy transfer though. When I first came to Sapporo, Elder Borgholthaus and I had NO investigators. And then after 3 transfers of hard work, one baptism, and quite a handful of good investigators. And now, coming to Shiroishi, I'm back to square one. We have literally not a single investigator. :P I keep getting sent to areas to find people to work with it feels like! :P But if that's my calling, then so be it! I like it! :) 
   So obviously, as ZL, I have a lot of new responsibilites and things to do. I have to get the entire zone's daily and weekly reports, and then give all that info to the aps. Things like number of lessons taught, baptismal candidate info and so on. So that takes up my evenings even more than being DL did. ;) Haha! And from here on out, I have to do a lot of work for training and supervising missionaries in my zone. I have to go on splits with lots of elders, I have to go a monthly meeting with all the zl's, the aps, and President to talk about the mission and to figure out what we need to focus on for training and what not. I also have to plan a big training meeting for the zone, and do all the training. And since my zone is in the city, we can do a zone activity since we're all fairly close to one another. ;) So that'll be epic! I have heard from lots of ZL's taht I've talked to, that being a ZL makes the time go by even faster, and I can see why that would be the case. :P 
   But I am really excited for it. It's going to be a lot of fun, and ELder Kojima and I are simultaneously going to ROCK our area, and do all we can for this zone. :) Faith, and motivation, and missionary fire are at an all time high for my right now! :) This is trully the greatest thing I could be doing right now!
   Thanks for all your love and support.! Have a great week!

 Love, Mike

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