Monday, February 9, 2015

Japan week #78

This has been one crazy week. Transfers happened, and my beloved brother Elder Strachan transferred! :( It was incredibly unexpected, and we were both very very sad. He didn't want to transfer at all, and I didn't want him to transfer alt all. It was rough. But, such is life. 
  My new companion is Elder Dobashi, from Saitama Japan. He is a WAY dang cool guy, and he and I are having a lot of fun already. Get along just great. :) He is way into cars, and is a huge basketball guy. He's one transfer ahead of me, which means that he ends his mission at the same time as me, so still with doki members! ;) HAHA! 
  Because of the transfers and mission leader meetings and what not, nothing really happened this week. Next week is a big zone conference, zone training meeting, and lots of other we're going to be BUSY!! Love you all, and thanks for your support!

 Love, Mike 

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