Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Japan week #77

Hey everyone! This has a fast week, and a fun one to end the transfer on. We had lots of splits, and not a ton of opportunities to see our investigators this week, so dendo was a bit slower. Just one fun story this week.
 Two years ago, with Elder Lee, we had a surprise man party with the priesthood at the church on Saturday evening. This week, we got randomly invited to a sister's house for a lunch appointment, and we were excited to go, but weren't sure what to expect. So we go, and it turns out, that it's a relief society party! And we were the main guests! HAHA!! We hung out with all the grandmothers in the ward, the ten or so of them, and ate AMAZING food, while just having a blast. :P It was the greatest! Elder Strachan and I were like, that was EPIC! Gotta love them surprise obaachan relief society parties! ;) HAHA!

 Love you all, have a great week!
 Love, Mike 

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