Monday, February 16, 2015

Japan week #79

Hey, boy has it been a crazy week! We had a big zone conference with the health specialists from Tokyo, and then a zone training meeting the day after that, and then the snow festival, and then splits, and we've been BUSY. We've had almost NO time to work, which is lame, but it's been an effective week none the less. 
   Our ztm was crazy epic. I had a really cool experience. We originally had two workshops planned, but then we ended up only doing one for the whole three hours. I twas going so goood, and everyone was really feeling the Spirit, and Both Elder Dobashi and I were feeling the Spirit, and just knew that we didn't need the other workshop, and that that one was what our zone needed. It was so dang cool. I love being a leader. It's so amazing getting to see all the individual missionaries, and getting to see them in a way that Lord does through the Spirit, it's incredible. I was looking at each person's face, and I could just feel so much love for each one of my zone members, and could feel how much the Lord loves them. It was a very special experience. :) LOVE THE MISSION!
    And the snow festival was a blast as always! :D Got to troll around with some of my old buddies, Elder Numano, Elder Nielsen, Elder Kojima, Elder Yamada, it was epic! :D 
 And that was really the bulk of this week. Other than that, not much to report! The picture is of me and elder Dobashi! We are having SO MUCH FUN. I really do love him a lot, and we're going to wreck this area before we're done! :D
 I love you all so much, and I can't wait to hear from you all again! 

 Love, Mike 

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