Sunday, February 22, 2015

Japan week #80

Hey everybody!! 
    This has been a fantastic week! We were able to work hard, and saw lots of really cool miracles! We have really been blessed, and it's super cool to see how this area has come from nothing, to having lots of good happening with the ward, investigators, and others. It's been fantastic.
    I'm not sure if you remember O San or not, but Elder Kojima and I found him, and he came to church yesterday for the first time! :D And had a great time! It was epic! And another one of our investigators is really close to accepting a baptismal invitation, and she also really wants to come to church! :D And we met a SUPER COOL lady this week. I went into a store to go buy some ice cream (since I'm CRAZY) and when I was buying it, the lady working the register was just staring at my name tag. Super obviously, and super intently. So I said hi, and she said hi, and then she asked me if we were Christians. So naturally, I hold up the line behind me, talking to her. End up giving her a flyer, my phone number, and ask her to please contact us. It sucked that I couldn't get her number or anything, seeing as how she was at work, but I had faith! And as soon as work was over, she called us! And said that she drove to the church to look at it, and that she is SUUUUPER interested! :D HUZZAH for buying ice cream in the middle of Hokkaido winter! :D
    And so we're looking forward to getting to work with her.  And that was our week! We have a zone activity today, so that'll be way stinking fun!
 Love you all! 

 Love, Mike 

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