Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Japan week #57

Hey everyone!
    First off, I'm sorry that my emails have been getting very short and very not detailed. I in part blame mailing back and forth on pdays, AND the fact that I email in the mission office, and I have ALL my friends here, and it's FLIPPING DISTRACTING ...And today is no exception. :P I'm sorry! And I'll try and be better about it!
     This week has been great, and kind of disappointing! Our baptism didn't go through. He didn't pass his interview, because he had some things that came up that made him have to have an interview with the mission president. But, before that went through, we found out that his wife is threatening divorce if he joins the church, which we did NOT know about before, so obviously his baptism and his interview fell through. His wife thought that we were jehova's witnesses, and so she was way against it. And now his daughter his coming to check out the church, and us, and make sure that we're not crazy people taking advantage of our investigator. :P So that's been nuts, and kinda stressful. She comes this Wednesday, and so that'll be crazy!
     We also had K, our other really strong investigator, come to church this week! He was found last transfer by Elder B and Elder N while they were on splits, and since this transfer our four man apartment became a two man apartment, and so all of there investigators became ours, and he was one of those investigators. We taught all of lesson one to him, and it was WAY STRONG. He's got a lot of desire, and he loves coming to church and learning about this stuff, and I think he can make it all the way. But he does have one glaring problem right now that we're going to have to help him with. The law of chastity. SO that'll be fun helping him with!
   Elder N and I have been having a TON of fun. We just joke and play and talk all day everyday, and we're working our butts off. I've never had so many investigators and teaching opportunities as I do now, and it's been amazing. :)
    So about my bike, I replaced the rear wheel, the tube, and some of the sprockets. Cost about 150 bucks. :( but now it feels brand new again so!  :) That's epic!
    I also recently wrecked my knee way bad playing basketball. :P It's nothing serious, it just sucks. I was getting a little too into it, and I just smashed it way hard on the ground, and I can't bend it much at all. But it's getting better. :)
        And that was bascially about it this week!  Looking forward to another week of hard work, and lots of fun. :) Thanks for all your support and lvoe!

 Love, Mike

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