Sunday, September 28, 2014

Japan week #60

Hello everyone!
     This has been a fun week!
 Nothing really crazy or spectacular happened, but we have been working hard, and have been enjoying the last bit of this transfer. Tomorrow is transfer calls, so that's exciting. Not sure what to expect, so we'll see what comes! I think I'm getting the boot though! But we won't know until tomorrow!
  We had lots of opportunities to meet our investigators this week, and we had lots of teaching opportunities which is amazing! This transfer has been a busy one, and its been great! :D I've loved working with Elder Numano, and this has been a WAY great transfer.
   This week though, we did have one really cool experience. The stakes in Hokkaido did a mission prep event for a lot of the youth, and that basically means that they met in Sapporo, and spent a day learning about missionary work, and then going on splits with missionaries! And since w're the Odori Elders, and we're right in town, we got called in to go on splits with some of these youth! I got to work with Brother Henmi, from a ward about fifteen minutes from my apartment. And it was EPIC! We had SUCH a good time! Just spent a few hours walking around Sapporo just doing some street proselyting, and he had a blast. At one point I asked him what his favorite gospel principle was. And he says the atonement. And I'm like, you're so dang amazing!! :) So it was quite a blast! We had a few opportunities to teach some lessons during our time together, so that was epic. And he was the first one after it was over to bear testimony about it and how epic it was. :) Way sweet experience!
 And that's basically about it! Love you all! Have a great week!

 Love, Mike !

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