Sunday, September 21, 2014

Japan week #59

Hello Everyone!
 This was a very fun week! Nothing too crazy happened this week, and we weren't able to meet many of our investigators, so we hit the streets like mad men!
      But first things first. Winter is coming! O.O The nights and mornings and days are starting to get coooooold! And the days are getting short again! It's PITCH BLACK at 6:30 every night, and it's only gonna get earlier and earlier from here on out! 
     Elder Numano and I have been having a blast, and this week with our extra finding time we had some way cool experiences! And we found a lady who is a HARDCORE kinjin. Way hardcore prepared for the gospel! We were dendoing late one rainy night this week, and we had not been having much success. We actually ran into a guy from england just living out in the suburbs of sapporo as a missionary for his protestant church. He told me all about how the Mormon church isn't true, and that he thinks it's all nonsense and reeks of myth and legend. And was having a visibly fun time of bagging on it to my face. And when he was done, I had a very VERY fun time testifying as hard as I could about how I knew it was all true, and that I would fight and defend this to my death, and that if he has any desire to know how to have even more happiness in this life, then he oughta give what I have to say a listen. And it was wonderful. :) I felt SO DANG GOOD! Gotta love bearing down in pure testimony!
   And then later that day we found a lady named K San, and she is so ready for the gospel. She taught piano to some lds families in Sapporo years ago, and she was always way impressed with them, and their kids, and over the course of her time there learned a little bit about the church. Like the word of wisdom, and Joseph Smith, but that was the end of it until last year. She told us that she was thinking about her life, and how to be more happy, and she remembered the church. And she was like, that's a dang good church, and started to have lots of interest. But she couldn't find out any ways to learn about it or contact it. Until we came to her door! She told us that she's also started to keep the word of wisdom a bit, slowing down her intake of coffee and tea and what not, and that she wnats to come to church and learn all about this. We gave her a book of mormon then, and prayed with her, and she was telling us over and over about how this book was really special, and that the time she spent with us was incredible. So we're VERY EXCITED to keep working there! :D 
      Thanks for all your love and support! Keep up the great work, and have a great week! Love ya!
 Love, Mike

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