Sunday, January 11, 2015

Japan week #74

Hey Everyone! 
   This has been another busy week! We had ZTM last tuesday, and had all of two days to plan for it, so we ended up taking almost all of sunday, and our entire pday to finish it all. :P It was nuts, and it was crazy hard, but we feel like we pulled it off super well. Had a LOT of help from up above, and the Spirit was very strong while we did our workshops, so that was such a huge blessing! 
   And that was basically the end of our crazy end of the year stuff. We're now completely back to our regular dendo schedule, and we're SUPER happy about that. We hit the streets way hard this week, and were able to make a lot of contacts, and met a ton of really cool people! We have still basically no investigators, and that's hard, but Elder Strachan and I are trying to be better than we ever have been before, and it's been yeilding lots of results so far! :) I had an interview with pres the other day, and we talked a bit about some of what I want to do in my last six months. And he talked a lot about there not being a big thing that needs to change to make it better, but how changing a lot of little things can have drastic results, which we obviously all know; but it was just super cool to talk about with him. Nakastsuka Kaicho is serioulsy Yoda. He's the dang coolest, smartest guys in the world. LOVE HIM!
    Thanks for all your support and love! Talk to you all soon!

 Love, Mike

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