Sunday, January 25, 2015

Japan week #76

Hello everyone!!
      This has been a great week! 
   We only had one really crazy cool experience this week! We've been working hard, and we're seeing lots of people, which has been FANTASTIC, but this week we had a SUPER cool, probably SUPER prepared lady led to us. We met her last Sunday night, she just stopped us on the street and starting talking to us. We then met her last Monday, and she told us that she wasn't going to stop us that night, but as she was passing us she could see light coming from us, and she said we looked like angels, and so we talked, and had a great time with her that Monday evening. And then we saw her again and taught a great lesson about the restoration, and she is SUPER interested. She is stinking amazing, and wants to learn and talk about Christ, a LOT. She has been christian for thirty years, but has never joined a church. So, we're looking forward to bringing her to the path of salvation! :D It's been truly amazing. I have really gained a testimony of how the Lord not only guides us, but also guides others to find us...It truly has been incredible. 
     And then we also had splits on Wednesday. I went with an Elder Francis, and turns out, he and I are meant to be together. We spent a bit of time talking about and seeing Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, Firefly, avatar, etc. And we dendoed like bosses! Taught some great lessons, and had a wonderful day! He's training right now, and doing a wonderful job. 
     And that's about it for this week. We had a member of the 70 who lives in Sapporo come to give a talk about church yesterday. His name is Ootahara. WAY cool guy, super funny, and after sacrament meeting Strachan and I were in the bathroom, and Elder Ootahara walks in, and we just start talking. About mashed potatoes. And how one of his mission comps was from Idaho and how they would eat it all the time. And then he walked out, and I looked over and Elder Strachan and said, 'Dude....We just hung out with a 70 in the bathroom, doing the guy talking at the urinal thing, about mashed potatoes...' And we just started DYING. It was great! :D
   All in all, a WONDERFUL week! :D Love you ALL! Talk to you soon! 

    Love, Mike  

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