Sunday, January 18, 2015

Japan week #75

Hey everyone!
     This has been a really good week! Elder Strachan and I are seeing more and more miracles when it comes to finding people to teach! We have a couple of people now who seem to have a bit of interest in hearing what we have to say, which is WAY cool! I have had a way hard time getting the work going in this area, and I'm glad that we're finally getting it rolling forward here. In particular we met a young mom with a family of 6 last week, and got to see her again two days ago. And it was AMAZING! First off, having a 4 kids in japan is CRAZY WEIRD, which makes her all the more cool, but because of that she has a lot of the same views on family, and wants to do all she can for them. And it just worked out perfect when we saw her again. Her younger kids were asleep so we were able to have some quiet time to talk, and we were able to get the lesson going super easily. I love the times when the person you want to teach goes into the lesson themselves with you there to kind of nudge them in the right direction! I love it! But because of it we were able to make a really good relationship with her, and got to talk a  lot about plan of salvation type stuff. It was very good, and the spirit was very strong. Unfortunatley, that night was also the blizzard that sent us home, so we were DYING standing on her doorstep talking. :P After our lesson was over we had to walk over an hour home in it to get home, and we took a pit stop at one point in a convenient store, and our hair, eyebrows, faces, everything was ice! I had ice just, frozen on my face. O.O It was NUTS! And then when I got home some of my toes were black! No wonder they hurt so dang bad! They're still black, but it's all good! Toes are still alive, no pain, just looks kinda funny! :) So don't worry about it! 
   Elder Strachan and I are still best buds, as is usual. Transfers are in two weeks, and we're thinking we don't stay together for another one. :( Which is way sad but, could happen! We're looking forward to working hard, and getting as much good going in this area as we can! Love you all!

   Love, Mike

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