Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Japan week #81

This has been a pretty uneventful week. I have no idea where the time went..it's crazy how fast it goes! I do not like it! I wish the time would slow down, and that I could do more but, this is always how it goes, right?
  We had one huge miracle this week. Remember Y San from last week? Well, she came to church yesterday! :D She was only able to come for the first two hours, so she missed the best part but...that's ok! She wants to come again, and we really wanna meet her and start teaching her so, we're super excited about that! She is a very wonderful person, who REALLY needs God in her life right now, and we had a great time at church teaching, testifying, and feeling the Spirit. :) I LOVE THIS WORK, and I never want it to end! 
  This week is going to be pretty exciting. We have the Asia Area North President, Elder Ringwood, coming to do a conference this Thursday, so that'll be dang fun! :D And Elder Strachan is coming to basically stay with us for the week because of it and our mission leader meeting so...I'M STOKED! ;) Haha! 
   Elder Dobashi and I have been working way hard, and it's been paying off. Investigators coming to church, lots of lessons, it's been a flipping great three weeks since we became companions. I can't believe how fast it's been! 
   Aside from that, this week has nothing too much to report on. I just wanna let you know that I love you all, and that I am so incredibly glad for all of your wonderful support, love and examples for me. I love this work, this gospel, and have really come to know for myself how true it all is, and how much it can help everyone. Have a great week! WITH ALL MY LOVE!


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