Thursday, March 12, 2015

Japan week #82

 This week has been NUTS. We had lots of meetings, training, and other craziness. Had a bunch of elders basically spend the week with us for all of was nuts! I had three comps of mine the same apartment! ;) It was way fun! Got to party hard with Elders Dobashi, Kojima, and Strachan! Had a great time!  
   Elder Ringwood from the Asia area North Presidency came and had a workshop. Which was  a blast! It was such a spiritual highlight of this week, and dang is he so cool! He's a way smart guy, and SUPER funny. Had a great time talking about teaching, and about how to be happy while dendoing. It was super great. :) And then we had our mission leader conference as per usual. We were with President from 8 to 5!!! PHEW! Elder Dobashi and I came home and died. :P We were EXHAUSTED from it! 
   And that was basically it for this week! Going to go play ball today for pday with some other missionaries, so that should be a blast! :D 
 Have a  great week! LOVE YOU ALL!

 Love, Mike 

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